Depositum tilbage efter 8 år med malerfirma og malermester der har gode priser i København, Amager, Frederiksberg og Nordsjælland. Vi hjælper også med dit indflytningssyn.

Tenancy rules and eviction inspection: Help with the tenancy law when eviction

The Tenancy Act

We will try to explain what is worth knowing for you as a private tenant in the Tenancy Act when you move out.

We reserve the right for any changes in the law and errors in the article.

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What does the tenancy law say?

First of all, the Tenancy Act is designed to protect both tenant and landlord from inconsistencies when moving in, during the period the rental property is rented out, as well as when moving out of the property.

How much of my deposit can I get back?

As a starting point, you can get your entire deposit back if you refurbish the apartment in accordance with the Tenancy Act.

Is your lease concluded before 1 July 2015

can you be required to hand over the lease newly refurbished if the lease was newly renovated when you moved in. That is, you have to pay for “repair” of everything, so that it appears new.

Is your lease entered into after 1 July 2015

can a "renovation" be required when you move out of a tenancy. A normal overhaul is necessary with the following: “Painting work” on walls and ceilings as well as woodwork, “Sanding and varnishing of floors” and a “Main cleaning and window cleaning”

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Besides a renovation

The landlord can demand that everything is in the same condition as when moving in. The kitchen, bathroom, cupboards etc. must therefore be put in the same condition as when moving in, which means that the various things must not be broken or have bad damage from use such as deep scratches, deep nicks or the like. There must be what is called "wear and tear", but this is a broad term and is therefore difficult for the normal tenant to estimate. 

Pre-inspection-inspection during repairs and renovations

Relocation guarantee is happy to come out without obligation and carry out a "pre-inspection-inspection" and thereby can give you an expectation of what needs to be done and what it will cost. You simply need to obtain an offer under "Get Offer" on our website.

How do I get my deposit back?

In order to be able to get your deposit refunded from the landlord, it is required that you return the home in the same condition as when you moved in or that you refurbish the home, this is done by carrying out the following:

Move-in report

When moving into all tenancies, a move-in report must be made that tells about the condition of the home, this report is basically also the one that must be followed when the home is to be renovated upon moving out, as the apartment must be brought into the same condition as when moving in, it is important that everything is written in the move-in report, so if there is, for example, damage to the floor, kitchen, bathroom or similar, that this will not be repaired at the tenant's expense when moving out, this is not something the landlord is entitled to, we often see that the landlord wants repaired the apartment better than what the move-in report says, this is not something you as a tenant have to agree to, in that case if you do not agree with what needs to be fixed upon moving out, you do not have to sign the move-out report, but there must be documentation that it is tenable in court that things should not be repaired, this could be, for example, if the landlord believes that damage has been done to the floor, which the tenant believes was during move-in report or was documented when moving in, this must be documented in order for the tenant to have a legal advantage, so always take plenty of pictures and text for the moving-in report.

Eviction report

Painting work

This is defined as painting walls and ceilings in all rooms of the home, painting all woodwork, which is often: skirting boards, frames, frames, doors, window sections, terrace door sections, etc. The home must be painted in the correct gloss and type of paint that the landlord requires, and this is often paint produced by an approved paint wholesaler. Cheaply produced paint, which cannot provide the completely covering base that is desired, cannot therefore be used for a renovation. Feel free to ask the Moving Guarantee for advice if you want to renovate yourself and are in doubt about the use of products. However, it is always recommended to have a professional carry out the repair.

Floor sanding

It is described as either a light or rough sanding of all the home's wooden floors and wooden table tops if this has wear scratches, notches or wear. Landlords basically always want their floors to be lightly sanded and lacquered. The difference between whether a floor should have a coarse or a light sanding is if there are too many deep nicks or scratches in the floor which penetrate the varnish and thereby penetrate into the wooden floor below. For this, in addition to the lacquer, some of the surface of the wooden floor must be sanded, which is also called a "rough sanding or a full sanding". The floors must subsequently be varnished 2-3 times with an approved varnish, which can only be obtained from approved floor wholesalers in Denmark. Before the last layer of varnish, the floor must be polished, which gives a smooth and attractive surface on the floor. The varnish is to protect the floor so that it cannot receive liquids or the like that can damage/discolor the floor.

Moving cleaning and window cleaning

It is deemed that the entire home, of which there is dirt, dust, lime, worn roofs, etc. Landlords often demand that everything is cleaned and decalcified so that the home is as new or as it was received when moving in. As many people think, it is not easy to do a "main cleaning and window cleaning" which must be approved by a eviction view, as smaller things are often overlooked which will be discarded during a move-out inspection and therefore the landlord can demand that their cleaners clean after the tenant has tried it himself. If Uftlytningsgaranti carry out your main cleaning and window cleaning together with our refurbishment, this is something that will be guaranteed. In the event of any errors or deficiencies in the cleaning work, we will bear the cost of the rectification.

Moving household goods

The landlord always requires the apartment to be completely empty as it was when it was taken over. All contents must be out of the tenancy when the moving inspection occurs, and everything must be taken down from walls and ceilings and all rawlplugs and consumption holes must be closed (after this the painting work must be carried out).

Relocation guarantee can, at an advantageous price, be helpful in standing up for your "relocation of contents”. Our professionals movers will help you pack everything, move from ab and bring everything you need for a quick and easy move. Should the accident occur, we have our insurance under control so everything will be covered. It often takes a lot to move all your things yourself, whereas you can get the help of movers for cheap, who make a living from this on a daily basis. We can only recommend hiring movers so that your own profit can be used elsewhere.

Rental rules

Evictionsgaranti is your expert in tenancy legislation. With our many years of experience in the industry, we have extensive knowledge of all the rules and regulations that apply to rental properties. We know how to navigate the Tenancy Act and how to ensure that everything goes smoothly and without problems when it comes to moving out.
Rental rules can be difficult to understand, especially if you have no experience with it. But with Relocation Guarantee by your side, you don't have to worry. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that everything goes as it should when it comes to moving.
We offer a number of services that can help you comply with the rental regulations. For example, we can help you prepare one eviction report, which describes the condition of the tenancy when you move out. That way, you can be sure that you will get your deposit back when the tenancy has been vacated.
We can also help you refurbish the rental property before you move out. We have skilled painters and floor sanders who can ensure that the tenancy looks inviting when it is to be handed over to the next tenant. That way, you can be sure that the tenancy is in good condition when you move out and that you get your deposit back.
Finally, we can help you comply with the new tenancy regulations that came into force with the new Tenancy Act. We are always up to date on the latest regulations and can therefore ensure that everything goes by the book when it comes to eviction.
So if you have to move out of your rental property and want to ensure that everything goes smoothly and problem-free, don't hesitate to contact Udflytningsgaranti. We help you comply with the tenancy rules and ensure that you get your deposit back when the tenancy is vacated. Call us at 7174 9567 or visit our offers page to obtain your personal offer.

Evacuation view

When moving out of your rental property, a move-out inspection is a crucial event. The move-out inspection is the time when both the tenant and the landlord go through the property together to assess its condition. This is where any damage or defects are registered, and this is also where you have the opportunity to document that you have left the home in good condition.

But attending an eviction inspection can be a challenging task. The legal aspects of the lease can be difficult to navigate, and disputes can arise between tenant and landlord over what needs to be repaired and what is normal wear and tear.

This is where the Relocation Guarantee comes into play. We are your helping hand through the entire process. Our professional team of tradesmen and lawyers have extensive experience with eviction inspections and tenancy law. We actively participate in the inspection and ensure that your rights as a tenant are respected. Our aim is to ensure that the inspection takes place fairly and objectively, so that you are not alone in facing the landlord's demands.

Our lawyers are specialized in tenancy law and can advise you on your obligations as a tenant in connection with the eviction. They will ensure that you are not subject to unfair or unreasonable demands and that you have the necessary documentation that the home has been left in good condition.

With the Removal Guarantee by your side, you can rest assured that the removal inspection will be handled professionally and fairly. We are here to ensure that you have the best possible move-out experience and that you receive a full refund of your deposit. Contact us today so we can help you with vision and law, and make moving out an effortless process.

Our SERVICES within repair and renovation

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