Price list

Repairs, floor sanding, cleaning & paint work - all prices are incl. VAT

Since we have such low prices, all prices start at a minimum of 70 sqm. So if you have a 40, 50 or 60 m2 apartment, you pay for 70 m2, as that is the minimum limit, due to our reasonable renovation prices.

  • Our prices are extremely competitive and are given after inspection and assessment of each case.


1-2 x Painting of walls/ceiling + woodwork (baseboards and frames) + full covering

1x Floor sanding, as well as painting the floor

1 x Total cleaning

Full repair with floor sanding (we give no guarantee unless the landlord approves a floor sanding or if the customer takes responsibility). Contact us and get a price via an inspection and specific assessment.

Individual services:

  • Paint and full coverage.
  • Floor sanding.
  • Moving cleaning and window cleaning.

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Book our project manager through Move-in Guarantee for your move-in or eviction view. Ensure compliance with the tenancy law and avoid unnecessary expenses. Price per hour excl. VAT. Our experienced project managers ensure a problem-free inspection process. If necessary, our lawyers and lawyers handle the case further to the Housing Rent Board with affordable package solutions. Your reliable partner for a fair transition.

The following points below is included in our repair price, VAT included.  

Painting work

Note! Everything is painted in the paint that the housing association regulates when refurbishing an apartment relocation – and all paint products are approved brands


  • Full coverage
  • Plastering of consumption holes
  • Painting of walls, most often walls are painted in gloss 5 or gloss 7
  • Painting of ceilings, most often the ceiling is painted in a gloss 5 or a gloss 7
  • Painting of woodwork (baseboards and frames/dishes), most often the woodwork is painted in a gloss 40 (woodwork paint)
  • Painting walls and ceilings in the bathroom, most often walls are painted in a gloss 20 or gloss 25
  • Painting walls above the kitchen worktop, most often walls are painted in a gloss 10, 20 or 25
  • If extraction occurs in the apartment, paint around with barrier paint
  • If spots occur in the tenancy and they have brought a heat shield around, this is painted with barrier paint 

Floor sanding

All floor products are approved brands that the landlord requires

  • All wooden floors are sanded as needed
  • All wooden floors are lacquered 3 times
  • All wooden floors receive an intermediate sanding/polishing between the 2nd and 3rd layer of varnish 

Main cleaning

All cleaning products are approved brands that the landlord requires

  • Vacuuming and washing of all floors
  • Wiping and washing of all surfaces
  • Wiping and washing of kitchen worktops 
  • Wiping and washing of all upper cupboards, lower cupboards and tall cupboards in the kitchen (the inside and top of all cupboards, shelves, drawers and doors are washed)
  • Degreasing and washing of hoods and hood filters
  • Descaling of the aerator on the kitchen tap and bathroom tap as well as any other taps
  • Cleaning of windows if these are accessible from the inside (windows that are not accessible from the apartment will not be cleaned (landlord's responsibility)
  • Wiping and washing window sills
  • Wiping and washing of all door leaves
  • Wiping and washing of all door frames 
  • Wiping and washing all dishes (panels by frames)
  • Wiping and washing of walls and ceilings (if necessary)
  • Wiping and washing of all handles
  • Wiping and washing of skirting boards and frames
  • Spraying and wiping mirrors
  • Descaling, wiping and washing the shower
  • Descaling, wiping and washing the shower niche
  • Descaling, wiping and washing the toilet (the toilet is cleaned and descaled as far down into the basin as possible) 
  • Wiping and washing the bathroom
  • Descaling of all tiles and cleaning of joints between tiles
  • Dusting and washing of radiators on the front and back, as well as the sides and below between the heating slats (the top cover is clicked off the radiator, after which you can clean between the heating slats)
  • Clean the drain in the bathroom
  • Cleaning and washing of tumble dryers
  • Cleaning and washing of the washing machine
  • Cleaning and washing of all filters for the dishwasher as well as cover and cover thread for filling with salt
  • Washing and wiping the front covers for dishwashers and tumble dryers (there may be 2 covers on each machine)
  • Degreasing, wiping and washing the refrigerator
  • Degreasing and washing oven plates and grates (powerful oven cleaner is used) 
  • Removing the steel back plate in the oven for degreasing and washing the fan as well as the back of the oven. (strong oven cleaner is used) 
  • Degreasing, wiping and washing the oven (powerful oven cleaner is used) 
  • Wiping and washing as well as defrosting the freezer
  • Degreasing, wiping and washing the dishwasher
  • Washing of all membranes on refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer.
  • Washing up under all water trays in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Washing of extraction valves/ventilation grates
  • Polishing of glass parts and or protection of any terrace/balcony 
  • Sweeping and washing of the balcony (if algae must be cleaned, this will come as an additional price)
  • Any splashes/stains are cleaned from the floor, radiators and all other surfaces
  • Light polishing of the corian sink in the bathroom if this occurs in the tenancy  

We also carry out moving work in connection with relocation and renovation upon moving out.

We are very likely to be cheaper than your landlord, who often charges prices that are higher than the tenant's deposit, so the tenant is sent an invoice in addition to his deposit, with our offer you are sure of the price and sure of your deposit.

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2 movers and 1 moving truck
DKK 1100 including VAT per hour


Priserne på en fuld istandsættelse variere meget i forhold til om der vælges maling af lejlighed, gulvslibning af lejlighed og rengøring samt vindeuspudsning af lejligheden, ved alle tilsammen eller hver især gives der depositums garanti så lejer er stillet sikkert hos udlejer igennem Udflytningsgaranti
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