Refurbishment of tenancy, apartment and rental property when moving out - prices incl. VAT

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Refurbishment and repairs when moving out of the tenancy

Refurbishment and repairs when moving out of the tenancy with Evvlytningsgaranti makes it easy, cheap and convenient to move out of your tenancy. In the following, you can read more about how we specialize in renovations for private individuals and businesses. We are going to go in depth with deposit back, floor sanding, painting work, cleaning, moving vision and much more.

We specialize in carrying out full renovations when moving out of public and private rental housing, youth housing, housing for the elderly and apartments. 

A scheme – normal maintenance

If you are on an A scheme in relation to maintenance and repairs, we can help you to repair your home.

Deposit back with deposit guarantee

Avoid losing the deposit and get a cheaper bill for repairs, floor sanding, painting, cleaning and relocation

Get 5-10% discount on both homes when refurbishing vacate and move-in housing.

You choose us for renovation you get a lawyer who specializes in the tenancy law associated with. We match prices and price matches.


Project manager takes the move-in and move-out view

We are familiar with the requirements for refurbishment when moving out of the vast majority of housing associations in Copenhagen and Zealand, and our project manager can handle the entire process, so you only have one contact person. 

See prices

See our customer testimonials at Cases-since.

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Hvad koster en flytning?: Istandsættelse ved fraflytning til en fair pris og depositum tilbage med garanti

Among other things, we have carried out repairs for well-known Danes such as:

  • Joey Moe
  • Line Hoffmeyer
  • Silas Holst
  • Stephanie Salvarli (Geggo)
  • Olivia Salos (Host Paradise Hotel)
  • Jeamilla (TikTok)

More info on renovations when moving out / preparing an apartment


Would you like to move out of your rental property easily and without problems and get your entire deposit back? Full renovation when moving out of rental property, tenancies and apartments, is exactly what we as a company specialize in. Call and arrange apartment renovation when moving out with us.

The landlord often takes the entire deposit and sends a bill in addition to keeping the deposit. 

Go around the landlord and get rid of a cheaper bill overall for renovations, floor sanding, painting, cleaning and moving. We have the most competitive prices when we speak deposit guarantee and renovation. Contact Evvlytningsgaranti here and have your tenancy repaired

Get 5% – 10% discount on the moving home and the new home, if both homes are to be renovated. Contact us and hear more. 

Our lawyer specializing in tenancy law is associated with any renovation case, so that you are guaranteed legal assistance vis-à-vis the landlord through the Evvlytningsgaranti.


Full deposit back from landlord. You are protected with our guarantee on all our work when refurbishing a rental property. We match prices and are the cheapest on the market – It's a win-win situation.

We will repair your tenancy and you will get your entire deposit back.

You can easily secure yourself during both move-in and move-out by booking a project manager through the Uftlytningsgaranti. The project manager will participate in the inspection and handle the communication with your landlord, which ensures that everything complies with the tenancy law. In addition, they ensure correct documents, so you avoid paying for something you are not obligated to. The project managers have extensive experience and can ensure that the inspection proceeds correctly and without unnecessary expenses. The price for booking a project manager is based on an hourly price excluding VAT and can be seen as a good investment, as the project manager can prevent your landlord from imposing unnecessary costs on you in connection with the inspection.

If desired, our lawyers and jurists can take the case further for review or treatment in the Housing Rent Board. We have specialized in this process and have an effective collaboration with the Rent Board. Our rates for litigating before the Rent Board are likely to be more favorable than contacting another lawyer, as we offer budget-friendly package solutions for tenants and consumers like you.


Our name says it all, we generally guarantee that you will get your entire deposit back at a renovation of your rental property when you move out of your rental property.

Here we help with everything from painting to floor sanding, cleaning and moving your belongings to your new home. We take care of everything and ensure that your lease comes flying through eviction view. If not, you will be covered by ours deposit guarantee.


We have a good knowledge of the vast majority of housing companies and their requirements. Therefore, we always know what is needed to perform a satisfactory job repairs when you move out

Different housing companies have different requirements, and we always take that into account. When moving out, it is also always good to obtain the landlord's requirements, which they must hand over when moving out. Let us take care of the renovation of the apartment when moving out and moving in.

We make moving out of tenancies easy and simple.

Should you also have moved - don't worry - we drive throughout Denmark.


Instead of you having to hire four different companies to handle the task, our project manager will handle it all for you, so you only have one contact person for your move.

You simply don't have to do anything other than cancel the rental property, hand over the keys to us and wait anxiously to get your entire deposit back. You therefore do not need to return to the vacated apartment. It is the perfect package solution for the otherwise rather difficult task of moving out and refurbishing. 


If you want us to advise you on a renovation upon moving out, you are also very welcome to contact us regarding advice. With many years of experience, we have had access to all sales landlords and their renovations when moving out, we therefore know all requirements and approaches. When moving out, the new tenant must be able to take over a tenancy that is in the same condition as when you moved in, with the exception of normal wear and tear In most cases. Is there a need carpentry, we can help with that too.

With us, you are sure that things are under control the tenancy lawrental rules and tenancy legislation, since we have one attorney associated, when you have repairs done upon moving out.

MOVE OUT: moving out of a rental property

We are happy to help with the mandatory eviction inspection, which is carried out with the landlord, cf. Legal information

It gives you peace of mind that the inspection will be done correctly when moving out of a rental property.


Always remember that there is a warranty on repairs when you move out with Udflytningsgaranti, so you are always guaranteed your money back, it is always an advantage when you move out to have an offer from a company that can be shown to the landlord, even if you leave the landlord in charge the refurbishment. 

We are ready preparation of apartment upon moving out. Call and get an offer.

If you have to move and need someone to take care of repairs when you move out, don't hesitate to contact us at 71749567. You can also obtain an offer for repairs when moving out below.


We can tell you with a guarantee that we are a lot cheaper than the landlord and the landlord often sends a bill that is higher than the tenant's deposit. IN with our guarantee, you can be sure that you will not have to pay more than what the price in the offer reads. We help everyone in Zealand who lives in public housing with renovations when moving out of rented accommodation.

10 reasons to choose Moving Guarantee for your move

  1. With our guarantee, you are guaranteed a full deposit.
  2. We participate and take the moving inspection for you so that you have professional help for your landlord
  3. Full deposit guarantee on our work 
  4. If errors and defects occur in our work, our guarantee will refund your money
  5. The project manager from Udflytningsgaranti always attends your eviction inspection so that we can ensure that the inspection complies with Danish tenancy legislation and that our work can be explained to the landlord 
  6. Lawyers specializing in tenancy law associated with each case, who handle documents and if problems should arise with the landlord 
  7. Craftsman quality according to Danish agreements - only Danish skilled workers are used at Udflytningsgaranti ApS
  8. Highest rate of satisfied customers compared to our competitors with 4.8 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot - see the reviews at this link: guarantee.UK
  9. Environmentally friendly products and a green approach to recyclable materials, as well as products to make a difference in the craft industry, for a cleaner world
  10. Deposit back: We are in control of the usual rules, so you have the option of getting your deposit back when you move out
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See our customer testimonials at Cases-since.

Istandsættelse af lejlighed - fuldt depositum tilbage denne lejlighed blev lavet med en fuld istandsættelse kunden fik sit fulde depositum retur, de fik lavet malerarbejde, gulvarbejde og rengøring, kunden fik sit fulde depositum retur ved maling af lejlighed, gulvslibning og rengøring af lejlighed, fuldt depositum retur

Get the full deposit back at one normal repair and avoid a late payment when moving out

The people you meet when you take us on the assignment are all professionals with a passion for their work. Since we only recruit motivated and competent employees, we can confidently guarantee our customers that our work results in a fully refunded deposit. We are so sure that we will pay the difference if this is not the case. Read a little about the reservations we take in our terms of sale and delivery. Contact us and hear more about normal repair upon eviction.

There is nothing to question, as we are responsible for checking for errors and deficiencies when we carry out repairs when moving out of the tenancy. We guarantee that you will get your deposit back from landlord. Get your deposit back with relocation guarantee.



"Moving guarantee repairs your home, so you get your full deposit back with a guarantee"

– Silas Holst

Istandsættelse ved fraflytning og renovering af sommerhus, lejlighed eller hus
Hvad koster en flytning?: Istandsættelse ved fraflytning til en fair pris og depositum tilbage med garanti

Would you also like to move easily from your rental property and get your entire deposit back?


    – (Optional – Max 25mb):



    Great job - saving the deposit!

    A relocation guarantee will be your salvation if you are about to move out of an apartment owned by money-grubbing companies! We were moving out of a only 2 year old (well maintained) flat owned by NEWSEC and were dreading what we would have to pay based on horror stories and trustpilot reviews from there.

    Fortunately, we discover Removal Guarantee at the 11th hour, and get them to handle floor/painting/main cleaning at short notice. They have done a fantastic job and secured us 0 remarks from the eviction inspector. We are super satisfied and relieved. A clear recommendation from here!

    - Nina N.


    It's been fantastic. 

    – Joey Moe

    Renovering af hus, kontor, lejemål og lejlighed ved fraflytning via maling, gulvafslibning og istandsættelse ved fraflytning
    Renovering af lejemål og lejlighed ved fraflytning via en istandsættelse ved fraflytning


    For us, it is important that our customers feel in safe hands for their repairs when they move out. We therefore provide thorough advice and review our work process. We want you to be able to leave the keys to us with complete confidence and come back with a good result. If you have the smallest questions about the course, we are always ready to answer them. Coarse or light sanding of wooden floors is no problem. Our prices depend on the size and condition of the apartment, but we provide good craftsmanship when you move out.

    Refurbishment and repairs when moving out of the tenancy: at a fair price in all cities in Zealand:

    Need the service page in English?


    FAQ - General

    Repairs and renovations upon moving out

    Repairs, restoration, renovation and maintenance are often carried out by us when moving out. It is a craft that ensures the repair and reconstruction of small damages in walls, floors, as well as cleaning the interior of the home.

    Contact Uvlytningsgaranti for a refurbishment and the interior maintenance required when you move.

    What should I do if I would like help with the renovation?

    Everything you need to do so that we can help you with renovation, cleaning and painting when moving out, so you can get your full deposit back, are the following:

    1. Obtain an offer for repairs

    After the form has been filled in, you will be sent some times and dates when our professional staff can come and inspect your case so that it can be assessed exactly what is required for your home to be repaired - remember that it is completely non-binding that we inspect for subsequent to give you a sustainable offer on exactly how your home should be refurbished.

    2. After the offer is approved by email

    For legal reasons, your offer must be approved via e-mail or SMS, after which we will create your case in our system with the stated start date and the stated date and time of the inspection if this is stated (the start date is usually the day that all furniture is out of the home ). You will then be sent an email with information that the case has been created in the system, as well as the day and time we will come to collect the key.

    You then have to do nothing but leave the home. After this, you do not need to come back to the apartment if you want us to take the inspection for you. If you want us to do the inspection for you, you must write us a power of attorney by email or fill in your landlord's power of attorney template if this is available.

    3. The refurbishment – and eviction of the tenancy

    When we have received your key, our project manager, who is associated with the case, will first of all go through the whole case to see that everything is as described in the agreement/offer. He will set up a key box close to the tenancy, so that the various craftsmen have access to the case (key boxes are not used for fixing with screws as the landlord often does not want this). The painter will then start covering and painting the home. After uncovering the lease, the floor man will come to do the agreed work on the floor in relation to the offer. When the floor man is finished, the painter comes back to paint skirting boards, which would otherwise get marks from the floor man's work. After the painter's last visit, our highly skilled cleaners will come to the case to carry out the cleaning work according to the agreement/offer.

    Avoid a recalculation when moving out: We check for faults and defects during renovation

    Our project manager, who is associated with the case, will come to go through all the work for errors and deficiencies, so that everything is repaired as per the landlord's wishes. If errors or deficiencies occur, this is something our project manager will have corrected by contacting the craftsman in question.

    Your case should then be flawless for us to make a flawless one relocation inspection with your landlord, so you will be able to get your full deposit back. We write below what it contains in our typical "Repair".

    Remember – we also help with renovation and renovation of apartment in case of death.

    Call for eviction inspection

    Calling for an eviction inspection can be a challenging process, especially if you have lived in your apartment for a long period of time. It is natural to want everything to be in perfect condition when your landlord or estate agent inspects the apartment at the move-out inspection, to ensure repayment of your deposit. But how do you achieve this? How do you ensure that everything is clean and in order when the time for the eviction inspection approaches?

    Relocation guarantee offers an effective solution to this challenge. Our experienced team of cleaning and refurbishment experts will ensure that your apartment is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the move-out inspection. This includes floor sanding and thorough cleaning so you can be sure that get your deposit back, regardless of how long you have lived in the tenancy.

    But our services don't stop at cleaning and refurbishing. Relocation guarantee has an in-depth understanding of the necessary requirements for eviction inspections. Our team ensures that all required tasks are completed, so you don't have to worry about the smallest details.

    If you want a problem-free moving situation, Utvlytningsgaranti is your reliable partner. Contact us today and let our experts make sure everything is perfectly ready for the move out inspection so you can get your deposit back without stress or worry. Let Uftvlytningsgaranti handle all the practicalities, so you can focus on starting a new chapter in your life. Call us and let us take responsibility for refurbishing the apartment when you move out.

    Istandsættelse ved fraflytning. Vi maler i København, på Amager og omegn: Malerarbejde maling af 3 værelses lejlighed til en god pris.

    What do I have to do if you have to take the moving inspection for me when it's over? refurbished?

    If it is the case that we have to carry out the moving inspection for you, you simply need to send us a power of attorney by email or fill in the form that your landlord has if someone other than the tenant is to carry out the moving inspection. We are always ready to renovate and refurbish when you have to move out.

    An email giving power of attorney could be as follows:

    I Anders Anders Cpr. no. 120887-xxxx hereby gives Uftlytningsgaranti Cvr: 41694947 power of attorney to take the moving inspection for me on the notified date D 1/12 2022 at 10.30 a.m. If the landlord has a standard power of attorney that must be used, this is the one that must be sent instead of a written one mail. The following link to the various landlords can be found below:


    Deas: It is always good to check whether the landlord has a contract and or a power of attorney if others are to inspect the renovations for your move.

    Termination of apartment upon moving out with DEAS

    When it comes to moving house renovations, it can be a challenging and stressful task to make the home look flawless and meet the landlord's requirements. But don't despair! Relocation Guarantee is here to be your helpful companion and ensure that the refurbishment process at DEAS is problem-free and efficient. We understand that you want to get your full deposit back and avoid unnecessary worry. Our experienced team of tradesmen and renovation experts have the expertise and know-how to handle any move-out renovation challenge.  We take care of everything, from repairs and painting to cleaning and floor sanding, and we make sure that the home is left in perfect condition. Contact us and let us help you move on from DEAS - and get yours deposit back.

    DAB – termination of housing

    Relocation guarantee also helps with repairs and relocation from DAB and regarding termination of residence at DAB. Contact us and hear more.

    Also hear more about renovation when moving out after 8 years, renovation of a smoking apartment, etc

    Have you lived in a rental apartment for more than 8 years and would you like your deposit back? Then hear more about renovation when moving out after 8 years. Relocation guarantee has always been the answer when it comes to repairs when moving out. There has been smokers in the apartment? If you are a smoker yourself or a former smoker, we will help you refurbish your apartment when you move out. We have all the right tools in order to ensure that the apartment is repaired properly. Smoking inside or in the specific areas around the rental may be considered a form of non-compliance with the regulations governing the use of the rental. This may go against the house rules that apply on the premises, and may lead to cancellation or termination of the lease by the landlord. It is important to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to the rented area in order to avoid any problems with the lease and the relationship with the landlord. If you have taken over an apartment that has been smoked in, contact us and we will remove the smell of smoking. Get help with your renovations when moving out and the tenancy law with relocation guarantee.

    Tenancy Act: Eviction after 10 years

    If you've rented a home for more than 10 years, it can be hard to imagine what it's like to have to move again. But it is important to understand that after the 10-year lease period, the lessor has usually taken over the internal maintenance duty, unless otherwise agreed in the lease. In the event that you have the maintenance obligation, this means that it is time to think about repairing the tenancy before you have to move out. Relocation Guarantee is here to help you ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Our team of experienced experts offer a range of services including tenancy refurbishment, floor sanding, cleaning and painting, all designed to ensure your tenancy looks inviting and well maintained when you move out. We know it can be difficult to find the time to take care of renovations while still living in the rental property, so our team is here to make the process as easy as possible for you. We offer a fast and efficient service, so you can focus on finding your new home, while we take care of refurbishing the current one. Read more about: When do you have to report moving?

    MOVE-IN GUARANTEE: Get help for moving out of tenancies

    Our painters are experienced and skilled at giving your rental property a fresh and inviting update, while our floor sanders make sure your floors look like new. Our cleaning team ensures that the rental property is in top shape when it is to be inspected by the landlord. Finally, our deposit guarantee and legal assistance ensures that you get your deposit back once the tenancy is vacated, so you can focus on starting the new chapter of your life with peace of mind. Call Moving Guarantee today on 7174 9567 and let us help you ensure a smooth move and that you get your deposit back.


    For us, it is important that our customers feel in safe hands for their repairs when they move out. We therefore provide thorough advice and review our work process. We want you to be able to leave the keys to us with complete confidence and come back with a good result. If you have the smallest questions about the course, we are always ready to answer them. Coarse or light sanding of wooden floors is no problem. Our prices depend on the size and condition of the apartment. If there is a need for painting outdoors, please let us know in advance so that we can make a more detailed arrangement.

    Below is what is typically done during a full renovation upon moving out:

    Refurbishment, renovation, painting, cleaning and possibly moving furniture (office supplies etc profession). We do renovation of apartment when moving out.


    Painting work - Renovation when moving out

    • Full coverage of everything not to be painted.
    • Plastering of consumption holes.
    • Painting of walls in the paint that the housing company wants. Most often, walls are painted in gloss 5 or gloss 7.
    • Painting of ceilings in the paint that the housing company wants. Most often, ceilings are painted in a gloss 5 or a gloss 7.
    • Painting of woodwork (plinths and frames) in the paint that the housing association wants. Most often, the woodwork is painted in a gloss 40 (Woodwork paint)
    • Painting of walls and ceilings in the bathroom will be painted in the paint that the housing company wants. Most often, walls are painted in a gloss 20 or gloss 25.
    • Painting of the walls above the kitchen worktop will be painted in the paint that the housing company wants. Most often, walls are painted in a gloss 10, 20 or 25.
    • If extraction or extractions occur in the apartment, it will be painted with barrier paint all around.
    • If spots occur in the tenancy and have thereby created a heat shield around the spot, this will be painted with barrier paint.
    In addition, you can also use us when moving into a new house or rental property. We do all kinds of general painting work.

    Floor sanding – Refurbishment and repairs when moving out of the tenancy

    • All wooden floors are fully/lightly sanded as required. The price in the offer is according to need.
    • All wooden floors are lacquered 3 times.
    • All wooden floors for an intermediate sanding/polishing between 2 and 3 layers of varnish

    Main cleaning – Renovation upon moving out

    • Vacuuming and washing of all floors.
    • Wiping and washing of all surfaces.
    • Wiping and washing of kitchen worktops
    • Wiping and washing of all upper cupboards, lower cupboards and tall cupboards in the kitchen (the inside and top of all cupboards, shelves, drawers and doors are washed)
    • Degreasing and washing of hood and hood filter/filters.
    • Descaling of the aerator on the kitchen tap and bathroom tap as well as any other taps.
    • Cleaning of windows. If these are accessible from the inside. Windows that are not accessible from the apartment will not be cleaned (Landlord's responsibility).
    • Wiping and washing window sills.
    • Wiping and washing of all door leaves
    • Wiping and washing of all door frames
    • Wiping and washing all dishes (panels by frames)
    • Wiping and washing of walls and ceilings (if necessary.)
    • Wiping and washing of all handles.
    • Wiping and washing of skirting boards and frames.
    • Spraying and wiping of mirror/mirrors
    • Descaling, wiping and washing the shower.
    • Descaling, wiping and washing the shower niche.
    • Descaling, wiping and washing the toilet. (the toilet is cleaned and descaled as far down into the basin as possible)
    • Wiping and washing the bathroom.
    • Descaling of all tiles and cleaning of joints between tiles.
    • Dusting and washing of radiators on the front and back as well as the sides and down between the heating slats (the top cover is clicked off the radiator after which the heating slats can be cleaned
    • Clean the drain in the bathroom.
    • Cleaning and washing of tumble dryers.
    • Cleaning and washing of the washing machine.
    • Cleaning and washing of all filters for the dishwasher as well as cover and cover thread for filling with salt.
    • Washing and wiping of front covers for dishwashers and tumble dryers (there may be 2 covers on each machine)
    • Degreasing, wiping and washing the Refrigerator.
    • Degreasing and washing oven plates and grates (Strong oven cleaner is used)
    • Removing the steel back plate in the oven for degreasing and washing the fan as well as the back of the oven. (Strong oven cleaner is used)
    • Degreasing, wiping and washing the oven. (strong oven cleaner is used)
    • Wiping and washing as well as defrosting the freezer.
    • Degreasing, wiping and washing the dishwasher.
    • Washing of all membranes on refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers.
    • Washing up under all water trays in the kitchen and bathrooms.
    • Washing of extraction valves/ventilation grates.
    • Polishing of glass parts and or protection on terrace/balcony if this occurs.
    • Sweeping and washing of the balcony (if algae must be cleaned, this will come as an additional price)
    • Any splash stains are cleaned from the floor, radiators and all other surfaces.
    • Light polishing of the corian sink in the bathroom if this occurs in the tenancy.

    Get help for eviction of rental accommodation when it has been repaired


    Contact Relocation Guarantee and receive help with moving out of a rental property after it has been repaired by our trained staff:

    istandsættelse af lejlighed ved dødsfald

    How can I be sure that I will get my deposit back?

    Evflytningsgaranti ApS provides a guarantee for our work and you will therefore always be assured of getting your deposit back when we take care of a renovation. If an offer is accepted, a binding contract will be entered into, whereby Evflytningsgaranti takes all responsibility for the work that is done, including if it is not done correctly, then the landlord must redo it.

    The money for the lessor's account is something that will be covered by the Moving Guarantee. In the offer contract, our lawyers have assured you as tenants that we are responsible for all expenses that should arise if our work is done incorrectly. It will also be possible to read several reviews from which customers have received their money back at the following link:

    Full guarantee on renovation and normal renovation of public housing

    Relocation guarantee always provides a full guarantee when we renovate upon moving out, we can therefore safely guarantee our customers their deposit back, the best thing about your renovating for a move is always to get professional help so that you are sure of getting all your money back.

    Normal renovation upon moving out

    If you are responsible for the repairs yourself, you may run the risk that the landlord does not approve the work and you will therefore be responsible for the landlord carrying out repairs when you move out, even if you have done the work yourself. In a typical move-out, not all companies provide a deposit guarantee as a move-out guarantee, the it is therefore important to choose a company that provides this guarantee for your move.

    renovation when moving out without frills even after 1-20 years

    In short, you are always guaranteed your money back on a renovation when you move out when the Removal Guarantee is used to carry out the renovation.

    We also help with repairs in the event of death, so get in touch if repairs are required in such situations. We help in all situations.

    Can you settle for either floor sanding, cleaning or painting alone?

    It is always an option that Vvlytningsgaranti is satisfied with either covering your floor sanding alone, cleaning alone or the painting work alone. If you would like a quote for one of the parts, simply request a quote or contact us by email.

    However, we would always recommend that for the full refurbishing when moving out, which consists of painting, floor sanding and cleaning together, you are thereby also completely guaranteed your deposit back as Uftlytningsgaranti gives a full guarantee for their work when refurbishing before moving out.

    renovation when moving out after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 20 years – we handle it all

    If you choose either paint, floor sanding or cleaning, we will also provide a guarantee, but only for the work we carry out during the renovation, that is, if we do your painting work and your landlord has comments on the floors upon moving out, for example , then we won't go in and cover this. Get yours deposit back like Silas Holst.

    Renovation of an apartment upon moving out at the best price

    We can also give the best prices for renovations upon moving out if the full package is chosen, this is because we can push our prices more when more work is done, so we recommend that for renovations upon moving out that we provide both painting work, floor work and cleaning work . Receive a quote for repair and renovation work - contact us today and get relocation guarantee.

    Lejeloven er oftest misforstået eller endda fejlinformeret af udlejer, når det kommer til valget af håndværkere

    How long before my renovation should I book you?

    We would like to be able to plan a renovation as there are many craftsmen who have to undertake each case, we would therefore like to be able to plan a case at least 3 weeks before the moving inspection. In some cases, this can be done up to 1 week before the moving inspection. However, we have an allowance of DKK 7,000 including VAT so that the case can be completed in 1 week, due to the fact that employees must work at the weekend and as overtime on weekdays in order to achieve a full refurbishment.

    Normal renovation of public housing - 10 day delivery for a renovation

    When renovating a home, it typically takes us 10 working days to refurbish a home, it can be done in less time if an emergency supplement is paid. If you already know in good time that you will be moving out of the home, it is an advantage to inform both the company that will renovate and the landlord of the date of your move out. This is an advantage, as we all have a good time preparing for the move and the refurbishment.


    Normal refurbishment often means that we have to carry out painting work, possibly whitewashing and wallpapering of walls and ceilings, as well as woodwork as well as varnishing of floors.

    Rough sanding, floor planing, general cleaning and moving company - we can do it all

    The time frame for the task varies considerably depending on several factors, including the size of the home and the nature of the renovation work required when moving out. If extensive floor sanding is required, this will naturally extend the time frame for the refurbishment. The same applies to the scope of the painting work and the cleaning work. Therefore, it is always a good idea to let us inspect the home, so that we can assess the full extent of the task and estimate the time required.

    If you are also considering booking our moving service to transport your belongings when moving out, it is a simple process. All you need to do is inform us of the date and time of the move out. We can then plan and book our moving team to handle the move at the desired time. This can streamline the entire eviction process and reduce your worries.

    Do you need help for us to provide documentation for repairs when vacating a rental property?

    We can easily provide you with documentation for repairs carried out when moving out of a tenancy. The bill is good enough documentation for some, but contact us if more documentation is needed. We are happy to provide all the help you need for moving out of a rental property, so that it will be a good experience when you have to move.


    If you are moving into an apartment, house or other type of accommodation, where you also need to have a new kitchen or bathroom renovation done, then we can take care of floor sanding, painting and general cleaning, should there be a need for it when you move in. Just make sure you get one authorized plumbers in Copenhagen and Zealand to be responsible for all the work with water pipes etc., so you are sure that it is done correctly. 

    Contact Vlytningsgaranti to have painting, floor work and cleaning done.

    Do you need one renovation of your tenancy upon moving out after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years?

    Then you can get help from the professional employees from Uftvlytningsgaranti. Contact us now and hear more.

    Hear more about: rules for deposit when moving out

    When you say yes to our help, we have a lawyer associated with you who is an expert in tenancy law. This gives you the advantage that you will not be cheated when it comes to rules on deposits when moving out. Get your deposit back with a move-out guarantee.

    Repairs upon eviction: Tenancy Act eviction after 7 years

    The Tenancy Act and eviction after 7 years can be a complex and confusing process for both tenants and landlords. After 7 years in an apartment, the tenant may have the right to stay in the apartment indefinitely, unless the landlord has a valid reason to terminate the lease. It is important to remember that a landlord can only terminate a lease if there is a valid reason. Some of the valid reasons may be that the tenant has breached his obligations, for example by not paying rent, destruction of the property or by disturbing the neighbours. 

    Landlord wants to terminate

    If the landlord wishes to terminate the tenant, a notice of at least three months must be given, and this must be done in writing and stating the valid reason. If the tenant wishes to move out of the property, a notice of at least three months must also be given. It is important to note that the tenant also has the option to reject a notice if they believe it is not valid. When it comes to vacating a rental property, it is important to be aware that the apartment must be handed over in the same condition as it was received, unless otherwise agreed with the landlord. The tenant may be required to carry out repairs and cleaning of the accommodation before it is handed back to the landlord. It is also important to be aware of any damage to the property, as the tenant may be required to pay for repairs. 

    Unbiased third party

    If there are disagreements between the tenant and the landlord about the condition of the apartment upon vacating, an impartial third party can be used to decide the matter. For both tenants and landlords, the Tenancy Act and eviction after 7 years can seem like a complex and confusing process. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the Tenancy Act and your rights and obligations as a tenant or landlord. If you are in doubt about the rules or want advice, it may be a good idea to contact a legal adviser who can help clarify any doubts. With a relocation guarantee on your renovation case, you have access to our lawyer as part of the package.

    Do you do more than just repairs?

    Uftlytningsgaranti ApS specializes in evictions and helping the Danish tenant. We therefore only carry out repairs. We do, however, have many collaborations with other contracting companies who will be able to carry out other types of craftsmanship and you are therefore very welcome to contact us if you need to have done something other than a renovation and we will then put you in contact with the relevant craftsmen.

    specialized company in RENOVATION: Help with moving out of rental accommodation

    We will always carry out renovations when moving out, as we specialize in this, but we can help with everything else and work that is also normally carried out during renovations when moving out, which is always painting the home, floor sanding and moving cleaning.

    Please let us know what kind of renovation work you would like us to carry out using our quote form

    If other work is also desired to be done upon moving out, this must be stated. That way, we can factor it into both the offer and the schedule. In this way, Uftlytningsgaranti is sure to have the correct information in full renovation upon moving out.

    istandsættelse ved fraflytning pris

    Can you also make my home I'm moving into? Renovation and refurbishment upon moving in:

    It is always possible that we make your home that you move into. It can be anything from us painter or a complete refurbishment, so that we simply sand the floors. There will also be an opportunity to save some of the amount if we make both the home that is being moved into and the one that is being moved out of.

    payment for renovation of a new apartment, home or house

    If it is desired that we do exactly the same work as we do for a renovation when moving out of the new home, the price can also be lowered as we at Udflytningsgaranti can give a volume discount, also if there are several of you who are moving out and need to have a renovation done by moving, this is also something that can have an influence on the price, so we can give a better price.

    It is therefore a good idea to ask if there are others in your building who will be moving out and have therefore also carried out renovations when moving out so that you can get them involved in obtaining an offer so that we can lower the price. 

    The Tenancy Act and eviction: Paint

    Moving out of a rental property can be a challenging task, and it is important to have a handle on the rules according to the Tenancy Act. One of the most important aspects of moving out is often the painting work, and here it is important to know the requirements set by the Tenancy Act.
    According to the Tenancy Act, a tenant must, as a starting point, hand over the rental property in the same condition as it was received when moving in. This also includes the painting work, which must be in a neat and easy-to-clean condition. If the tenant has carried out painting work in the home, this must also be carried out in an approved and durable quality.

    However, it can be difficult for a tenant to assess what exactly is meant by "approved and durable quality". Therefore, it may be a good idea to contact a professional painter who can assess whether the painting work is in order according to the Tenancy Act.

    If the painting work is not in order, it may have consequences for the tenant. The Landlord may require the painting work to be rectified, and if the Tenant fails to do so, the Landlord may deduct the cost from the security deposit. It is therefore important to ensure that the painting work is in order before handing over the rental property.
    However, there are also rules which protect the tenant in relation to the painting work when moving out. If the tenant has lived in the home for more than 1 year, the landlord can only require the tenant to paint in the colors that were in the home when moving in. If there were no colors specified in the lease, the landlord can only require the tenant to paint in white or light colors.

    It is important to note that the landlord can only require the tenant to carry out the painting work if the property needs it. If the home is in good condition, the landlord cannot require the tenant to paint the home when moving out.

    We are happy to help with painting when moving out

    If you are in doubt about how to approach the painting work when moving, it may be a good idea to contact a professional painter. At Udflytningsgaranti, we offer professional people for the painting work when moving out, so you can be sure that everything is in order when you hand over the rental property.

    We can also help with refurbishing the home when moving out, cleaning and other tasks that may be necessary in connection with moving out.

    Get a stress-free experience again with moving-out repairs from Uftlytningsgaranti

    When you have handed over your rental property, it can be difficult to know whether everything has been done by the move-out day at the latest. But with our professional help, you don't have to worry about the condition of your home. We prepare a detailed eviction report, which describes both the interior and exterior condition of the home. You will feel the relief when you know that everything is in perfect order.

    We are aware of exceptions to the requirements of the tenancy law, so that you avoid having to bear costs for damages for which you are not responsible. You will see that your money stays in your own pocket where it belongs.

    You avoid the obligation to pay the repair price when you comply with the tenancy agreement's requirement to move out and terminate before the end of the notice period. You can feel safe knowing that you have complied with all the rules and avoid any extra expenses.

    We also guide you through the process of transport and moving van, so you can focus on your new home. You will experience how planning and transport become a smooth and sensual experience where you can relax.

    We do not impose ongoing costs, and you can be sure that when the eviction day comes, the landlord will be ready to take up his re-letting obligation. You will feel relieved to not have ongoing financial obligations.

    You get the deposit back - and the landlord has to find a new tenant again. You will feel the relief of having your funds back and knowing that the landlord can continue their search for a new tenant without difficulty.

    Help with eviction inspection, eviction and renovation of rental property at a fair price

    Relocation guarantee is your reliable partner in connection with renovations and eviction inspections. We are specialists in helping you meet your obligations to your landlord and avoid any financial risks. Our team of experts are aware of all the practical and legal aspects of eviction inspections and can assist you at all stages of the process. We understand how important it is for you to protect your finances, which is why we offer you a fixed price for the repair price. We are here to ensure that you have all the necessary information and resources to hand over the home in good condition by the end of the lease at the latest. Our experienced team can help you prepare the eviction report and ensure that all requirements from the landlord are met. 

    Transport and removal van for renovation and removal

    We are aware of all the practical aspects of transport and moving vans, and we can also guide you through the entire process, so you can avoid the risk of being left to your own devices. We are also aware that there may be exceptions to the repair requirements and will therefore work closely with you to decide what obligations should be imposed on you. We are always available to answer any questions, and we will make sure that you become more aware of your obligations according to the provisions of the Tenancy Act. Our ongoing attention to interior and exterior conditions in the home ensures that you take over an apartment in good condition, and we ensure that the reletting obligation is fulfilled within a reasonable time horizon. We also take prepaid costs into account and deliver a practice that is acceptable to you and your landlord.

    Contact Uftlytningsgaranti today and let us help you get the most out of your move.

    Refurbishment of senior housing: Create security and comfort in old age

    It is a challenging transition when old age approaches and living arrangements must be adapted to the changes that life brings. A popular solution for many seniors is to move into one senior housing, where comfort and accessibility are paramount. In this article, we take a closer look at renovating senior housing and how it can help create a safe and comfortable home in old age.

    Senior housing: Tailored for Life's Latest Chapter

    Senior housing is specially developed for older residents and offers an environment that promotes independence and quality of life. These homes are often equipped with practical amenities such as handles in the bathroom, wider doorways and elevators for easy access. In addition, senior housing is often located near healthcare facilities and shopping opportunities, providing residents with the necessary convenience in their daily lives.

    Refurbishment of senior housing and housing communities: Create the right atmosphere

    When a senior decides to move into a senior home, it is important that the home is adapted to their individual needs and preferences. This is where restoration comes into play. A thorough review of the home can identify areas that require updating or adaptation to create the desired comfort and functionality.

    Legal Advice: Asking the Right Questions

    Refurbishing senior housing is not just about the physical work. It also involves understanding the legal and administrative aspects of the housing changes. This is where experienced legal counsel can be invaluable. They can help navigate the Tenancy Act and ensure that all changes are made in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

    A smooth transition: eviction inspection and move-in report

    When it comes to senior housing, it is important to ensure a smooth transition. This includes both moving out of the current home and moving into the new one. An eviction inspection and a move-in report are key elements in this process.

    • Evacuation view: When a senior leaves their previous residence, a move-out inspection must be performed. This inspection documents the condition of the home upon moving out and identifies any damage or changes that have occurred during the rental period. This is important as it may affect the repayment of the deposit and any allocation of responsibilities.

    • Move-in report: When a senior moves into their new senior housing, a move-in report should also be drawn up. This report documents the condition of the home upon moving in and ensures that any necessary repairs or adaptations have been carried out correctly. This gives both the resident and the landlord security and clarity.

    A Professional Hand: Relocation guarantee

    For seniors and their relatives, the whole process of renovating and moving can seem overwhelming. This is where Uftlytningsgaranti ApS comes into the picture as a reliable partner. With years of experience and expertise in senior housing and tenancy rights, we can help make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

    We take care of everything, from the initial eviction inspection and move-in report to the coordination of renovations and legal advice. Our goal is to ensure that seniors can enjoy their new home with peace of mind, knowing that everything has been handled professionally and in accordance with the law.

    Create quality of life in the senior housing or elderly housing

    Moving into a senior residence is an opportunity to create the ideal environment for old age. With the right renovation, legal advice and professional help, seniors and their relatives can ensure that this transition will be a happy event where comfort, security and quality of life are paramount. 

    At Uftlytningsgaranti ApS, we are ready to help create this positive change in the lives of seniors. We believe that everyone deserves a home that supports their needs and wants, especially in old age.

    Start with renovations upon moving out: We also help with moving inspections

    The move-in report plays a key role in the maintenance of senior housing. When an apartment is rented by a new resident, it is crucial to create a comprehensive move-in report. This report contains information about the tenancy, including the condition of the home and the agreements entered into.
    Does the report imply that the tap needs to be descaled or the drains cleaned? Do light bulbs need to be replaced, or are there problems with gas, water or heat? This information is important to determine who is responsible for maintenance.
    Our experienced team carefully examines the key move-in report to determine what is required. We keep track of whether cleaning of common areas is necessary and whether there is waste that needs to be removed. In some cases, standard procedures are deviated from, as each case is unique.
    The last thing we want is for surprises to arise along the way. It is therefore expected that the requirement for maintenance and repairs is stated clearly and in a timely manner. We take care of the entire process, from informing residents about the planned maintenance work to making decisions about how best to carry it out.
    Our goal is to ensure that the senior housing is in top shape and that each resident can enjoy a comfortable and safe home. That is why we are compensated by the smiles and gratitude of the hundreds of members in our clientele whom we have helped over the years.
    Our dedicated team of case managers are always ready to step in when it comes to keeping track of the maintenance of senior housing. With general guidance and definite knowledge of senior housing topics, we take care of everyone who calls these homes their home. Our aim is to make the maintenance of senior housing as trouble-free as possible and ensure that the residents can live safely and comfortably.
    We are proud to say that we have helped hundreds of seniors get the most out of their senior housing. So if you have questions about the maintenance of your senior housing or are looking for professional help, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help with case management, advice and information on how you can best keep track of the maintenance of your senior housing.

    How many years do you have to live to rent to get your deposit back?

    When you rent a home, youth housing or housing for the elderly, you often pay a deposit as security for the landlord. This deposit is intended to cover any damage or defects to the tenancy upon moving out. But how many years do you have to rent to get your deposit back? The answer depends on several factors.

    1. Tenancy legislation: Rental laws vary from country to country and even from state to state in some cases. Some jurisdictions have specific rules about when and how the deposit must be returned. It is important to know the rental laws in your area to understand the exact requirements.

    2. Rental period: In most cases, you can get your deposit back when your rental period ends and you move out. This usually applies regardless of how long you have lived in the tenancy. However, you must ensure that you comply with the requirements set out in your tenancy agreement and local tenancy laws.

    3. Maintenance and Damages: In order to get your deposit back, it is essential to leave the rental property in the same condition as when you moved in, with the exception of normal wear and tear. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear may result in some or all of your deposit being withheld to cover the repairs.


    • Domea
    • CAB
    • Housing association AKB
    • Boligforeningen ØsterBo
    • Boligforeningen SAB
    • Boligforeningen Andelsbo
    • Boligforeningen Tårnbyhuse
    • Housing association Wibo
    • Boligforeningen Alfa
    • Housing association 3B
    • The housing association Lejerbo Copenhagen
    • Boligforeningen Copenhagen Cooperative Building Association (KAB)
    • Boligforeningen Ballerup
    • Boligforeningen DAB
    • Boligforeningen Bo-Vita
    • Housing association KAB 42
    • The housing association Københavnshusene
    • Housing association 29H
    • Boligforeningen ØsterbroHusene
    • Boligforeningen Familiefonden
    • The housing association Lyngby-Taarbæk
    • Grønnevang housing association
    • Boligforeningen Zealand
    • Boligforeningen Sydvest
    • Boligforeningen Kuben
    • Boligforeningen Bo42
    • Housing association B42
    • The housing association Frederiksberg Boligfond
    • PKA
    • Joint pension
    • the industries pension
    • Find housing
    • PBU
    • Pension Denmark
    • Teachers' Pension
    • PFA
    • P+
    • Pensive
    • Well life
    • AP Pension
    • TDC Pension Fund
    • Frederiksberg Housing Fund
    • The Søndergården Foundation
    • The Vestergården Foundation
    • The Østergården Foundation
    • The Solgården Foundation
    • The Fuglevænget Foundation
    • The Hvidkildegaard Foundation
    • The Vibehusene Foundation
    • The Arendal Foundation
    • The Enghaven Foundation
    • Home resident
    • Faxe Boligselskab
    • The Bækkegården
    • Frydenhøjparken
    • DUAB
    • Odense Boligselskab
    • Boligforeningen AAB
    • Tenant housing
    • Copenhagen Almennyttige Boligselskab (KAB)
    • AAB department 1
    • AAB department 2
    • AAB department 3
    • AAB department 4
    • Bo-West
    • DEAS
    • Newsec
    • The city's rental
    • The Copenhagen Brokers
    • Danbolig Copenhagen
    • LocalHousing
    • Copenhagen Room rental
    • Copenhagen Housing
    • Copenhagen Rental property
    • Copenhagen Real Estate Service
    • 123 housing
    • Kø
    • Housing Portal
    • Housing Denmark
    • Home Connector
    • Urban Housing
    • Housing Company
    • Copenhagen Housing Company
    • Q Living Copenhagen
    • Housing Foundation
    • Copenhagen Letting
    • Housing ninja
    • PropertyBroker
    • Apartment in Copenhagen
    • Frederiksberg United Housing Associations


    So don't try to cope with moving out renovations alone – let us help you end your lease in an easy and hassle-free way. Contact us today so we can help you avoid the risks that come with a poor condition of your home on moving day.

    Lejernes Landsorganisation (LLO) can help with answers to various questions, but if you have a need to get it executed with respect for your time, we can help you. We are happy to take eviction report and inspection, so you are sure to get off to a good start without being cheated.

    moving out of rental housing: control ithe relocation report and the deficiency list

    When it comes to refurbishing, cleaning and moving inspection of your rental apartment, it is crucial to take the right procedures into account. A correct procedure is essential to avoid unexpected extra costs and conflicts with the landlord. Here we will show you how to do it right and avoid mistakes.

    Everything begins at the time of moving in. When you first enter your rental apartment, it is important to have a move-in report and list of deficiencies ready. These documents must contain a detailed description of the rooms, including floors, ceilings, bathrooms and kitchen. The defect list must show any problems, such as wear, old or defective elements.

    The move-in report and the list of deficiencies must be signed by both you and the landlord. This makes them a valid agreement that describes the condition of the apartment at the time of your move-in. If there is doubt or disagreement, it must be documented and resolved before signing.

    We help you get a handle on moving out of your rental property in all cases. Just call and arrange further.

    Repair and replacement of defective elements

    Now it's time to start renovating and cleaning. If there are deficiencies that were described in the move-in report and the deficiency list, they must be addressed thoroughly. This may include replacing worn or defective elements, such as floors or ceilings. If cleaning is necessary, it must also be done carefully.

    After renovation and cleaning, it is time for a moving inspection. Here, a representative from the landlord will visit the rental apartment to assess whether everything is in accordance with the move-in report and list of deficiencies you previously signed. It is important to have documentation of the work carried out, so make sure to keep receipts and proof of any repairs or replacements.

    Compare the result of the moving inspection with your move-in report and list of deficiencies. If there are disagreements or discrepancies, they must be discussed and resolved with the landlord. When everything is in order, you can start using your new or renovated rooms.

    Following the correct procedures and taking into account documentation is essential to avoid unnecessary conflicts and ensure that you get your full deposit back. Repairs, cleaning and move-in inspections are important steps in the rental apartment lifecycle, and when done correctly, they can save you time and money.

    documentation for repairs when moving out? We have the answer!

    Moving out can be a challenging process and the last thing you want is to worry about documentation and evidence of the renovations carried out. At Udflytningsgaranti, we understand the importance of having correct and reliable documentation in place.

    Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to help you ensure you have all the necessary documents for moving out repairs. We have in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements and standards that must be complied with, and our experience ensures that nothing is overlooked.

    We know that documentation is essential to get your deposit back and avoid any disputes with the landlord. That's why we offer comprehensive and precise reports that document the renovation carried out in all aspects of the home.

    Contact Vvlytningsgaranti today to obtain the necessary documentation for repairs upon moving out. We are here to help you secure your rights and get the deposit back you deserve. Let us take care of the documentation so you can have peace of mind and move on to your next housing adventure!

    FAQ: Repair by eviction

    Read our FAQ below.

    What is the Duty of Maintenance for Renovation when moving out?

    Maintenance obligations in tenancies are a decisive factor that can lead to significant consequences for both landlord and tenant. According to the Public Tenancy Act, the maintenance obligation is normally the responsibility of the landlord for public tenancy housing. This means that the landlord is responsible for ensuring that the property is in good condition and maintained in accordance with the law after it has been inhabited.

    However, the tenant can also be charged with maintenance tasks as part of the lease. This may include minor manual tasks that the tenant must carry out during the rental period. It is important to be clear about what is specifically required, as non-compliance can lead to legal action.

    When questions about maintenance obligations arise, it can lead to legal proceedings, where jurisprudence plays an important role. It is also crucial to be aware of any deadlines set in the lease or in legislation. Compliance with these deadlines is important to avoid potential consequences.

    If the tenant neglects his maintenance duty and this leads to damage or defects in the accommodation, the tenant can be liable for the costs of rectifying these problems. The landlord can take measures to get the property in the right condition, and any costs can be claimed from the tenant. It is important to know that collateral may be required in certain cases to cover any maintenance costs.

    Short-term rental agreements may have an impact on the maintenance obligation, as the tenant's obligations may be limited in short-term rental relationships. It is also important to understand that the tenant cannot usually be required to hand over the property in a better condition than it was at the beginning of the tenancy, unless this is clearly agreed in the tenancy agreement. With the Relocation Guarantee, you avoid a problem regarding lack of maintenance. You are also sure that the landlord will refund your deposit.

    In the event of a maintenance dispute, it is important to consult a case manager or legal advisor to determine how the cases should be handled. Compliance with the law and clarity about the maintenance obligation is of crucial importance for both private and public landlords and tenants. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the maintenance obligation is clearly defined in the lease to avoid it becoming an expensive pleasure in the future.


    If the offer sent from Uftlytningsgaranti is higher than what you have put in the deposit, it may still be worthwhile for you to have us carry out the renovation. If we have assessed that the offer exceeds your deposit, it will in most cases also be a higher price that your landlord will pay for the renovation. We will always ensure that the housing association or landlord will pay out any remaining amount of your deposit after renovation.


    How much the landlord charges for repairs upon moving out depends on several parameters. Contact us and hear more about it.

    But often after they have repaired you will be sent the bill, of which the amount that exceeds the deposit must be paid. If it is refused, the landlord will very likely take the case to court to recover their outstanding amount, which was used for the renovation. For some, it is very complicated, so feel free to call and find out more. Are you going to make one termination of leases, you can choose us with confidence renovation upon moving out.


    Whether the landlord can demand more than the deposit upon eviction depends on the individual case. Relocation Guarantee is here to help you.

    It is not always that our offer is lower than the deposit, therefore it is often that our offer for renovations upon vacating is lower than the landlord's, the landlord's prices are very high as the landlord does not have to have the tenant accept an offer and they can do the work and send the bill afterwards. It is therefore recommended to obtain an offer for one renovation upon moving out from both the landlord and another company.

    What should I pay attention to when I live in a housing association?

    Renovation when moving out is an important process that must have the requirements of your housing association in mind. The renovation period typically extends over your notice period, and this is when the interior maintenance of the apartment takes place.

    As a general rule, tenants are expected to carry out the normal renovation, which involves bringing the apartment back to an acceptable condition according to the agreed terms of the lease. This may include cleaning, painting and minor repairs to restore the apartment to its original condition.

    It is important to understand and follow the housing association's guidelines for repairs upon moving out, as this can affect your financial situation and the possibility of getting your deposit back. Make sure you are aware of the notice period and the necessary steps to ensure a smooth move and a successful renovation of your home.

    How about restitution in the event of death?

    Ensure the renovation of the estate with a move-out guarantee: Vin undertake renovation of apartment after death. If you are an heir or legal representative for the estate, you can contact us. We take responsibility for that the heirs will have a hassle-free experience as possible.

    Renovation in the event of eviction A-scheme: Understanding and Responsibility

    Standard maintenance regulations Model A – Normal maintenance

    During the period of stay, the tenant is responsible for the interior maintenance of the home. This includes whitewashing, painting, wallpapering and floor treatment. The tenant bears all costs in connection with this maintenance. It is the tenant's obligation to maintain the home so often that it does not deteriorate, with the exception of normal wear and tear.

    When moving out, the landlord carries out a normal renovation, which covers the necessary whitewashing, painting, wallpapering of walls and ceilings and cleaning. However, normal renovation can be waived for building surfaces that appear to have been properly renovated in terms of workmanship during the move-out inspection.

    The tenant bears the expenses for the normal renovation, but it is noted that the landlord gradually takes over this expense in relation to the length of the stay. This means that the longer the tenant has lived in the home, the more partially the landlord takes over the costs of normal repairs.

    The tenant bears all costs for repairs as a result of default on the home.

    The A scheme – Briefly told

    The A scheme is a simple and transparent scheme that clearly defines the responsibility for maintenance and repairs between tenant and landlord. By clarifying tasks and cost distribution, clarity is created about how the home must be maintained during the rental period and upon moving out. This creates security and fairness for both parties and contributes to a problem-free settlement of the tenancy.

    High-quality services in Copenhagen and Zealand - get repaired cheaply and efficiently

    See ours prices on renovation when moving out and more.