Help with leases for private individuals and businesses

Synsbistand og jura ved indflytningsrapport, fraflytningsrapport regninger og lignende

If you are looking for help with your lease, whether you are private or business, this is something that Uftlytningsgaranti can help you with.

Our lawyers and project managers have extensive experience in the tenancy law and leases.

We can be helpful with everything from reviewing your lease and checking that everything is as it should be. Here we will be able to inform you about the requirements you as a tenant have, which things need to be improved in the tenancy and which things you have to deal with when moving out. In addition, we look at what requirements you have as a landlord, what your landlord needs to improve in the lease and how you should approach the contract.

Our lawyers and project managers will work together to review the contract point by point, in order to be able to explain how the lease is to be repaired and which requirements, if any, exist, according to the lease contract.

Synsbistand og jura ved indflytningsrapport, fraflytningsrapport regninger og lignende


"Moving guarantee repairs your home, so you get your full guarantee deposit back"

– Silas Holst


“It's been fantastic.”

– Joey Moe


"A relocation guarantee will be your salvation if you are about to move out of an apartment with money-grubbing companies as owners! We were moving out of a only 2 year old (well maintained) flat owned by NEWSEC and were dreading what we would have to pay based on horror stories and trustpilot reviews from there.

Fortunately, we discover Removal Guarantee at the 11th hour, and get them to handle floor/painting/main cleaning at short notice. They have done a fantastic job and secured us 0 remarks from the eviction inspector. We are super satisfied and relieved. A definite recommendation from here!”

- Nina N.


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