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Vi er dine malere til dit indendørs træværk – og anden istandsættelse af din lejlighed i København

Get a fair price for painting work

When you move out together with a Moving Guarantee, you can be sure that the painting work will go smoothly through the move-out inspection with your landlord.

In addition, we are also experts in general painting service and painting jobs in houses and apartments. Our painters can always paint to perfection. Hear more about our work with general painting tasks.

Get 5% – 10% discount on the moving home and the new home, if both homes are to be painted and refurbished. Contact us and hear more. 

The target group is Copenhagen and Zealand

Having to paint your old home is not something most people look forward to. But at Udflytningsgaranti, this is what our people are passionate about and motivated by.

Painting when moving out at cheap square metre prices

Forget hourly rates when you can get an exact price for your square meters. 

We specialize in move-in apartments and rental properties. Our skilled painters help make your walls appear as if they were brand new. Then you avoid the trouble of painting the entire tenancy, and can move on to your new home without any worries or difficulties.

Should you also have moved - don't worry - we drive throughout Denmark.

Painting of all types of apartments, houses and residences - moving in and moving out

We have a collaboration with a large range of housing companies. Therefore, we also know their requirements for painting work, but also for floor sanding and cleaning of their moving apartments.

If, against all expectations, you should not get the full amount deposit back, then we pay the difference. We are so sure that our work is of the very best quality. So you can safely leave the keys to us and return to a hassle-free home eviction view. Read about the reservations we take in our sales and delivery conditions.


Book a project manager through Evvlytningsgaranti to attend your move-in or move-out inspection, to handle your landlord so you are sure that everything follows the tenancy law and documents for the home, so that you do not have to pay for something you are not entitled to, our project managers have, with their extensive experience, ample opportunity to ensure that the vision goes as it should and No unjustified expenses appear, the money for booking a project manager is DKK 500 ex VAT per hour and is well spent, for the costs a project manager can prevent your landlord from imposing on you for the inspection.

If desired, our lawyers and lawyers as well as offices will continue the case if desired for review or for forwarding to the rent board, which we specialize in and a good and direct collaboration with the rent board, our prices for taking a case to the rent board, will with great likely to be cheaper than if another lawyer is contacted, as we have cheap package solutions for you as a tenant and consumer.

We are your painting company when you need the right painter and paint

Contact us by phone 71749567 to hear more about how we can help you further, or obtain a non-binding offer below.

Our prices for just repainting a home and covering are DKK 200 ex VAT per square meter of floor and the following is included:

Painting work in Copenhagen and Zealand

  • Full coverage of everything not to be painted.
  • Plastering of consumption holes.
  • Painting of walls in the paint that the housing company wants, most often walls are painted in gloss 5 or gloss 7.
  • Painting of ceilings in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often ceilings are painted in a gloss 5 or a gloss 7.
  • Painting of woodwork (Plinth panels and frames) in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often the woodwork is painted in a gloss 40 (Woodwork paint)
  • Painting of walls and ceilings in the bathroom is painted in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often walls are painted in a gloss 20 or gloss 25.
  • Painting of walls above the kitchen worktop is painted in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often walls are painted in a gloss 10, 20 or 25.
  • If extraction or extractions occur in the apartment, it will be painted with barrier paint all around.
  • If spots occur in the tenancy and have thereby created a heat shield around the spot, this will be painted with barrier paint.
  • All paint products are approved brands that the landlord requires and are environmentally approved brands by a Danish manufacturer
  • We can say with a guarantee that we are cheaper than the landlord and that the landlord often sends a bill that is higher than the tenant's deposit, with our guarantee you can be sure that you will not have to pay more than what the price in the offer reads
Vi er dine malere til dit indendørs træværk – og anden istandsættelse af din lejlighed i København

Should we paint with a focus on sustainability?

miljøvenlig og bæredygtig maling fra Beckers

Do you want us to paint green and sustainably?
Regardless of which color is to be painted on your project, we will almost always paint with an environmentally friendly paint. We have chosen to use Beckers in our work, and the professional Scotte series from Beckers is probably one of the strongest series on the market when environmental labeling and functionality must be followed. The range is 100% of water-based, and although the paint scores highly for the environment, the quality is top notch and the result is durable and not least nice.
Beckers has a large selection, and we can therefore always find the optimal solution based on the specific needs.


See our customer testimonials at Cases-since.

10 reasons to choose Moving Guarantee for your move

  1. Wait to pay 50% of the bill until you have received your full deposit back, with our guarantee you are completely protected for your money.
  2. We participate or take the moving inspection for you so that you have professional help for your landlord
  3. Full deposit guarantee on our work 
  4. If errors and defects occur in our work, our guarantee will refund your money
  5. The project manager from Udflytningsgaranti always attends your eviction inspection so that we can ensure that the inspection complies with Danish tenancy legislation and that our work can be explained to the landlord 
  6. Lawyers specializing in tenancy law associated with each case, who handle documents and if problems should arise with the landlord 
  7. Craftsman quality according to Danish agreements - only Danish skilled workers are used at Udflytningsgaranti ApS
  8. Highest rate of satisfied customers compared to our competitors with 4.8 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot - see the reviews at this link: guarantee.UK
  9. Environmentally friendly products and a green approach to recyclable materials, as well as products to make a difference in the craft industry, for a cleaner world
  10. Deposit back: We are in control of the usual rules, so you have the option of getting your deposit back when you move out
Udflytningsgaranti - services - herunder istandsættelse af lejlighed - maling ved fraflytning m.m. denne lejlighed på Ørestad er blevet istandsat med følgende arbejde: malerarbejde, gulvarbejde og rengøring, kunden på denne sag fik sit fulde depositum retur og alle sine penge sikret da de valgte at bruge Udflytningsgaranti til deres fulde istandsættelse

High quality apartment painting when moving out

When we are out on a painting task, we make sure that all surfaces are properly pre-treated. This includes sanding panels and door frames, and thoroughly washing all surfaces before painting. Naturally, we always provide a light putty in necessary areas – previous screw holes, scratches and scuffs. After that, it will be painted.

We also check the woodwork in your rental property, as this is often something landlords look at. We investigate whether there has been damage to the woodwork, including the door frames, the doors, the window frames, the skirting boards and in the kitchen. It is most often the landlord's requirement that the woodwork must be in the same condition as when moving in. That's why we also make sure to paint these when we are responsible for painting when you move out.

Painting work carried out with eco-labelled quality paint

All our paint products are eco-labeled quality paint. We have chosen this to ensure that you, as customers, have the absolute best indoor climate after the renovation. We therefore have a close collaboration with Beckers paint. We usually use 100% acrylic-based paint and for wooden works polyurethane-reinforced paint. It makes it possible to clean the walls with a damp cloth, even if the wall is semi-matt.

Please note that only foot panels and frames are included in our price, as this is most often where there are challenges. However, we are happy to give a sharp price for something else, should there be a need for it. Contact us on 71749567 to hear more.

Malerarbejde til en fair pris. Få hjælp til istandsættelse ved fraflytning, malerarbejde, laves oftes med gulvslibning og rengøring da de tilsammen udgør en fuld istandsættelse, en depositumsgaranti gives ved fulde istandsættelser hos os og maling, slibning af gulve og rengøring er en del af den fulde istandsættelse

Would you also like to move easily from your rental property and get your entire deposit back?


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    Painting of apartments in North Zealand, Copenhagen and other cities in Zealand

    Need the painting service page in English?


    Great job - saving the deposit!

    A relocation guarantee will be your salvation if you are about to move out of an apartment owned by money-grubbing companies! We were moving out of a only 2 year old (well maintained) flat owned by NEWSEC and were dreading what we would have to pay based on horror stories and trustpilot reviews from there.

    Fortunately, we discover Removal Guarantee at the 11th hour, and get them to handle floor/painting/main cleaning at short notice. They have done a fantastic job and secured us 0 remarks from the eviction inspector. We are super satisfied and relieved. A clear recommendation from here.

    - Nina N.

    FAQ – Painter – painting of moving flats

    What does the landlord require from painting work?

    The landlord can require the following: painting of walls and ceilings in all rooms of the home, painting of all woodwork, which is often: skirting boards, frames/frames, frames, doors, window sections, terrace door sections, etc. The home must be painted in the correct gloss and type of paint as the landlord requires, this is often paint produced by an approved paint wholesaler. Cheaply produced paint, which cannot provide the completely covering base as desired, cannot therefore be used for one repair. Feel free to ask the Moving Guarantee for advice if you want to refurbish yourself and are in doubt about the use of products. However, it is always recommended to have a professional carry out the repair.

    Also read about sanding of floors when moving out

    Can I do the painting myself?

    It is always an option that the tenant is responsible for the painting work themselves, but there are many groups of people who can claim that the landlord will redo the painting work, the typical thing will be that the correct paint has not been used, that the walls, ceilings and woodwork have not been completely painted covering surface, that runners or strokes from brushes and or paint rollers occur, splashes from paint, and quite a few more things can mean that the landlord will redo the painting if the tenant is responsible for it himself versus letting a professional painter take care of the work, we would very much like to help you paint your rental property and all you have to do is fill out our contact form then we will make a non-binding offer.

    We paint the apartment upon moving out at a sharp price

    Below, you can see what Udflytningsgaranti ApS does with a typical painting of the home:

    Here is what we typically do for painting in a refurbishment 

    • Full coverage of everything not to be painted.
    • Plastering of consumption holes.
    • Painting of walls in the paint that the housing company wants, most often walls are painted in gloss 5 or gloss 7.
    • Painting of ceilings in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often ceilings are painted in a gloss 5 or a gloss 7.
    • Painting of woodwork (Plinth panels and frames) in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often the woodwork is painted in a gloss 40 (Woodwork paint)
    • Painting of walls and ceilings in the bathroom is painted in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often walls are painted in a gloss 20 or gloss 25.
    • Painting of walls above the kitchen worktop is painted in the desired paint that the housing company wants, most often walls are painted in a gloss 10, 20 or 25.
    • If extraction or extractions occur in the apartment, it will be painted with barrier paint all around.
    • If spots occur in the tenancy and have thereby created a heat shield around the spot, this will be painted with barrier paint.

    Remember – we also help renovation of apartment after death

    Painting work when moving out in Copenhagen

    You can feel it shaking a little in your body, it's a mixture of excitement, nervousness and a little stress that naturally comes from moving clutter, do you ever get a home out of these moving boxes? Don't worry, there will probably be a new home and if it were possible to fast-forward a month, then all is well and you will settle into your new home and have a good conscience about having done painting work when moving out.

    But the old home, there are some special points in your lease that say something about interior painting as well renovation upon moving out and special painting work when moving out. It is not enough simply to have cleaning upon moving out, 9 out of 10 times some interior painting work has to be done.

    Sanding of floors when moving out

    Life leaves its marks, it cannot be avoided - it can be anything from wear and tear, or it can be marks from furniture or things that have been lost, it can also be from dancing and good times. Wooden floors get marks and it is almost impossible to avoid. This is also why most housing companies in Copenhagen require floor sanding when moving out and interior painting. Painting work by relocation can we do together with a sanding, you just have to mention that you also want a price in an offer for this in Copenhagen.

    Floor sanding and floor planing

    We at Udflytningsgaranti are happy to give a price estimate, or a good old-fashioned offer for one-off floor sanding in Copenhagen and the surrounding area, we are extremely competitive and deliver a great piece of work. If you are in a situation where you either have to move out of an apartment or simply want to have your wooden floors refreshed, call today for a chat about your floors and any painting work upon moving out. When we are out with you, we are also very happy to make you an offer for interior painting work, where we are particularly good at making offers for painting work in Copenhagen due to our m2 price for painting work. We want to make your painting job when moving out as easy and hassle-free for you.

    Painting company and restoration of floors when moving out

    We are a company that provides a total solution for you who are about to move, we are your best choice, as we provide everything from cleaning, painting, all kinds of moving help and especially moving help Copenhagen. We also make carpentry such as refurbishing floors when moving out. So we are actually your trump card as moving company at a good price, because we do much more than just cheap moving help, we are also really happy with painting work when moving out. Call us today to get an offer, we are from Copenhagen with headquarters in Herlev and are happy to travel out to give you offers for painting work in general, but especially painting work when moving out, we offer at an advantageous price. If you have not used your service deduction for painting work, please call so that you can have it used before the end of the year for painting work when you move out. Have you heard that you can deduct painting work from your tax, then it is not entirely wrong - Get in touch to find out more about using the tradesman deduction for painting work when you need to have painting work done when you move out.

    Painting work: Painting of apartment when moving out

    As one painting company we offer offers for painting work on all common painting tasks from floor to ceiling as well as painting work when moving out. Are you therefore looking for the best price for painting work. all you have to do is get in touch and we will come out as soon as possible and give you an offer for painting work when you move out. We promise you a good one hourly rate for painting, so you no longer want to go around with the question of "how much does painting cost” after we have driven. We are extremely proud of our prices for painting work, as we actually offer cheap painting work and at the same time maintain an extremely high quality, which many people are happy about. In particular, we receive a lot of student moving assistance tasks as well as pensioner moving assistance. That is why we deliver really good craftsmanship at a good price in Copenhagen. But it is not only in Copenhagen that we have low prices for painting work, we also operate from our headquarters and offer painting work in Næstved and in general we are happy with painting work in Zealand with a specialty in painting work when moving out.

    Read more here: Painting of apartment when moving out price

    Painting price

    If you are looking for a specific price for painting work when moving out, you are always welcome to get in touch, as we want to give you a good price for painting work. It would be an advantage to be able to come out and look at the task first. In Copenhagen and the surrounding area, we can either offer you hourly painting work or painting work price per m2 when it comes to painting work when moving out. With the latter method, you get a fixed price for painting work. But regardless of what you want, it's all about you getting in touch already today, so that we can get you the best price in a complete offer that includes all interior painting work and especially painting work when moving out. 

    Prices for painting work

    Painting work when moving out is the task that we are most often called upon to offer, we also offer this at a very good price around Copenhagen, it is a service we have offered for many years, as we know the many housing associations in Copenhagen as well as their requirements in terms of quality, colors and working methods. From our head office in Herlev, we drive out almost every day for painting work in Greater Copenhagen, including often painting work in Brønshøj and painting work in Lyngby, where we are known for doing painting work when moving out.

    If we are to make you an offer for painting work when moving out, you can expect a good price when it comes to painting work hourly price. We have some indicative prices for painting when it comes to painting when moving out, but to be as accurate as possible and avoid mistakes, please contact us for a chat about your project. It often doesn't take long, and we are quite flexible when it comes to time, and in exchange for your time, you will get an offer for painting work in Copenhagen or wherever you live.

    Offer for painting work

    How much does painting work cost per m2 when it comes to painting work when moving out and can you possibly get an hourly wage for painting work? There we can give you answers to both questions, but there are some factors that come into play. In order to give m2 prices for painting work, we need to know a little more about the task, such as the condition of the walls, is there a change in color and how many m2 are involved and where in the country. These are typically questions like these we ask when we have to offer painting work.

    Price for painting work when moving in Zealand

    Cheap painting work and thorough craftsmen are among the phrases we hear when customers recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. After all, it gives pride in itself when you hear about our painting work, the prices are well received by the various customers. If you want to hear more about painting work when moving out in Copenhagen, or just want a price for something special, call to get a good offer. 

    We make good offers on painting work in Copenhagen and on Zealand.

    To help you a little extra well on your way, painting work can be deducted from tax, then you must have used the rest of the tradesman's deduction 2022 painting work, then it's just a matter of calling us quickly so we can get you booked in for painting work when moving out. We are happy to come out for a visual assessment of painting work and if you have special premises and need to rent a lift for painting work, please mention this on the phone, then we can plan based on that and calculate the price of painting work will be much more accurate.

    Painting work near you: Painters near Søborg, Ballerup and Copenhagen

    We ourselves have our head office in Herlev, and it is therefore right for us to have a chat about painting work price per. M2 in the area. We go out with a short deadline for painting work Rødovre and painting work Herlev, but since we love what we do, we have no problems with painting work Humlebæk and carrying out painting work Køge. So wherever you are, call to get a painting deal.

    We take care of everything from normal repair of apartment to house, so you are sure that get your deposit back. In addition, we can also help with preparation of house for sale, or renovation of apartment in case of death.

    Artisan deduction painting work

    You have most likely heard about tradesman deduction 2022 painting work when a colleague or friend has asked if you can deduct painting deductions, and we have really good news - because painting work for renovations and painting work when moving out fall into this category. The same goes for cleaning and everything we do in our flooring company in Copenhagen. Then you must make good use of the tradesman's deduction, and if you have any painting work to do when you move out, don't hold back on making contact.


    Painting your home, whether it's a small house or a large apartment, is rarely something you really look forward to doing. And if you do, big pat on the back for that.


    At, we are also happy with these kinds of tasks and take them on with a smile. We have countless experiences with painting work in private homes, whether it is a move or because the place needs to be spruced up a bit. We have skilled painters who can take on the task from sanding down the old surfaces, panels and moldings to bringing new life to your living room, your bedroom or simply making your former home nice and ready to move into.

    We provide the best move-out cleaning and relocation service, you can imagine. Contact us today.

    Master painter: Painting work in Copenhagen 

    Choosing a professional painting company in Copenhagen can be a big decision when it comes to updating your home or business. It is important that you choose an experienced painting company that will have the necessary skills and tools to carry out a high quality painting of your walls, ceilings, doors and other surfaces. That is what we offer at Udflytningsgaranti ApS, and in fact we are so proud of our craftsmanship that we offer you something completely unique.

    If we come to you to take care of your painting tasks in connection with moving out of an apartment, you can wait to pay 50% of the bill until you have received the deposit in your account. read more on prices.

    Painting jobs, painters and good craftsmanship in Amager and in the rest of Copenhagen

    When our skilled painters in Amager go around on painting jobs, we carry around our well-known reputation for our craftsmanship and professionalism, and we will be able to help you choose the best paint for your bathroom and apartment from floor to ceiling. When it comes to painting wet rooms, there are many different types of paint, and it can be difficult to know which is the best for your particular bathroom if you don't have the right experience. Our professional painters will be able to advise you on which paint will work best in your bathroom, whether it is a wet room paint or a regular wall paint.

    Full troweling is a technique used to make surfaces even and smooth before painting. It is especially useful if your wall or door has large holes or unevenness that can affect the durability and appearance of the paint. Our professional painters will be able to carry out a full plastering in an efficient and professional way so that you can get the best result possible, we know that all the ground work is important for you to get the best and longest lasting result. 

    Interior painting

    Udflytningsgaranti ApS will be more than happy to advise you when it comes to painting everything inside your home, regardless of whether it is your rental or owner-occupied home, we are happy to paint everything from doors, panels, wooden ceilings to bathrooms - we know it can can be a challenge to find a company that is both reliable and cheap, so we have made it all easy for you, because we offer total solutions and we can be your faithful partner to take care of everything from relocation of your belongings for painting when moving to floor sanding. You therefore only need our phone number when you need to end a chapter and start a new one. All at an extremely competitive price.

    When choosing a painting company in Copenhagen, it is a good idea to investigate the company's experience and references. You are very welcome to see our great TrustPilot score, which is guaranteed to meet your expectations when it comes to finding painter in Greater Copenhagen. We will be happy to offer you a non-binding offer so you know what you can expect to pay for the painting work. 

    At Udflytningsgaranti you can wait to pay 50% of your bill until the landlord has returned your deposit. Call today to find out more. 

    Professional painting company at a sharp price

    Having a beautiful and well-kept home often requires professional help. A painting company from Copenhagen as Udflytningsgaranti has many years of experience and can help you with all types of painting work. Regardless of whether it is painting doors, full plastering or painting wooden ceilings, Udflytningsgaranti has skilled painters with many years of experience. They can also help you get an inexpensive painting job, although it needs to be of high quality. Relocation guarantee has many happy customers in Amager, Østerbro, Rødovre and Ballerup. In addition, they can also help with painting your bathroom, wooden ceilings and other parts of your home. So if you are looking for a painting company in Copenhagen, Uftlytningsgaranti can help you with paint for your bathroom, doors, wooden ceilings and much more. 

    When it comes to painting doors, wooden ceilings and bathrooms, it is important to choose the right paint. It is a good idea to choose a paint that is specially designed for the purpose in question, for example a paint for wooden ceilings or a paint for bathrooms. This ensures that the paint can withstand moisture and other challenges that typically arise in these rooms.

    Remember painting creates value, not only as an increase in the value of your home but also well-being

    Painting is an important part of beautifying and maintaining a house or apartment. With Udflytningsgaranti you will never see it as a big task, we give ourselves the right preparation and bring the right tools, it gives you a satisfactory result. If you need painting due to moving out of an apartment in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Zealand, or simply need to freshen up your home, get in touch today for a discussion about your project. It would be a great pleasure to help you achieve your goals with painting work in Frederiksberg, a painting project in Rødovre or painting Nordsjælland. 

    Thorough painting work Zealand 

    Before starting to paint, it is important to prepare the surface properly. This involves removing old paint and applying an anchoring primer so that the paint can hold better and cover the surface evenly.

    When it comes to colors, there are many options. Depending on your mood and taste, we can easily undertake painting work in contrasting colors to create an interesting and modern look. Of course, we can also offer to follow a specific color palette or design that suits the style and personality of the home, and we also know the many housing associations' requirements for interior colors. Regardless of what you want, we only use high quality paint, so you can be sure of getting the best result.

    A particular challenge when painting can be painting panels. This requires a more detailed and careful approach, as it is important to paint along the lines and avoid excess paint at the edges. Relocation guarantee helps you achieve your goal by painting precisely and avoiding uneven lines - we know how disturbing it can be visually if either a wall looks uneven or if the edges are not straight. 

    Painters Østerbro 

    Our happy and skilled painters drive every day from our head office in Herlev, we therefore drive a lot in the Copenhagen area, both for making offers, but of course also carrying out painting work in Copenhagen. This applies to everything from setting up Miljøvæv, which has a good covering ability and is easy to apply, which makes it a good choice for indoor painting. It is not only used in schools, institutions and other places where it is important to have a healthy indoor air quality, but also in many Copenhagen homes where you want structure on the walls.

    Relocation guarantee offers painting work at good prices for the local area in Copenhagen and the surrounding area

    Udflytningsgaranti is a company that offers painting work in Greater Copenhagen. We have many years of experience in the painting profession and offer a wide range of services, from wall painting and wallpapering to painting large buildings and facades, but especially painting work when moving out of apartments is among our specialties.

    Moving guarantee takes pride in delivering high quality and good service to its customers. Our skilled painters are experienced and professional, and they use only the best paints and tools to ensure a beautiful and durable result.

    Reliable painter in Greater Copenhagen

    We value our advice and guidance to our customers so that you can make the best choice when it comes to colors and finishes. We have an environmentally friendly approach to painting and only use paints with a low content of harmful substances to ensure a healthy indoor air quality.

    If you are looking for a reliable painter in Greater Copenhagen, Udflytningsgaranti can offer you competent and professional service. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and to find out more about our painting work and prices.

    Bathroom painting: painting of the bathroom in restoration

    Are you moving, or does your bathroom simply need an update? Then the relocation guarantee is the solution for you.

    We offer professional painting of your bathroom so that you can have a beautiful and inviting space that suits your wishes and needs. Our skilled painters ensure that your bathroom is painted in the paint that the housing association regulates when refurbishing an apartment when moving, and all our paint products are approved brands.

    We also offer bathroom painting, where walls and ceilings are typically painted in a gloss 20 or 25, so you can have a bathroom that looks inviting and is easy to keep clean.

    Choose the Move-in Guarantee and get a beautiful and inviting bathroom that suits your wishes and needs when you move into or move out of a home. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result, and we are always ready to help you get your bathroom in top shape.

    Create the Perfect Look with Professional Paint when moving out

    As you approach the end of your tenancy, you naturally want to leave your apartment in a spotless condition. One of the most important aspects of renovating when moving out is the paint. At Udflytningsgaranti, we offer professional painting work that will transform your apartment and give it a fresh and inviting look.

    Painting when moving out is essential to get your apartment ready for the next tenant. It's not just an aesthetic improvement, it's also a way to preserve the value of the apartment and ensure it meets the landlord's requirements. Our experienced painters specialize in house painting and can handle any challenge with professionalism and expertise.

    Forget painting work at an hourly rate

    When you choose our painting work when moving out, you can expect a tailor-made solution that fits your needs and budget. We offer free and non-binding quotations so that you can get a clear understanding of the price of the painting work. Our team of experienced painters will assess the scope of the work and provide you with a detailed quote that includes everything needed to create the perfect result.

    Quality work based on a price per square meter gives peace of mind

    We understand the importance of delivering quality work that meets schedule. Our painters are well trained and use only the highest quality materials to ensure a durable and beautiful result. We can paint both internal and external surfaces, including walls, ceilings, doors, windows and woodwork. Our expertise in apartment painting ensures that every detail is taken care of with care and precision.

    When it comes to the price of the painting job, we are transparent and competitive. We offer fair and reasonable prices that reflect the scope of work and the quality we deliver. By choosing our painting work, you will not only get a great result, but also peace of mind as we are fully insured and our painting work is covered by our Relocation Guarantee.

    High quality move-in paint

    We know that price and quality are important factors when it comes to house painting. That is why we always strive to deliver the best service to our customers. Our painters are skilled and efficient and we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards and delivering results that exceed expectations.

    So if you want to have the apartment painted by professionals and are looking for a competitive price for painting work, you have come to the right place. 

    Contact us today to get a quote and let us take care of the paint when you move out. We are here to help you create the perfect end to your tenancy and leave your apartment in an impressive condition.

    Malerarbejde ved fraflytning i København

    Renovation and painting when moving out

    Renovation when moving out can be a hard and inappropriate process, but no matter what, it must be done when the time is right. This means that when a tenant terminates their lease, it is their responsibility to protect the lease from wear and tear and to hand it over in the same condition as when they took over.

    The normal repair and the costs for it

    If this does not happen, the tenant risks having to cover the repair costs, which can be a large proportion of the repair price. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the obligation to prepare an eviction report and register any damage or defects.

    To avoid being put on this burden, one should demand to get one moving statement, which documents the condition of the tenancy upon vacating. 

    Get help with planning with the Evacuation Guarantee

    In addition, you can get guidance on planning, packing and transport, so that you maintain an overview and avoid damaging anything along the way. It is also important to remember to protect furniture and other objects so that they do not get scratched or punctured during the move. Hear more about it when you become a renovation customer with us.

    Eviction report

    When you have moved, you must remember to hand over all the keys and document the condition of the rental property in one eviction report. It is also important to be aware of any repair requirements, which may result in repayment of pre-paid rental months' rent or withholding of the security deposit.

    All in all, refurbishing when moving out involves a relatively short period of time with the gradual preparation of moving reports and the refurbishing works. It can be a large financial burden, but it is a necessary process to ensure a legal right of use to the home and avoid breach of contract. 

    With our help, we provide Deposit guarantee, which means that you can wait to pay 50% of your bill until you have received your deposit back.

    As a tenant, you must therefore be aware of the condition of the tenancy when you move in and ensure that you compare the move-in report with the moving statement when you move out. If you, as a resident, do not fulfill your obligation to protect the tenancy from wear and tear, regardless of how attractive the home is, you will have to cover the renovation costs, which can add up to several months' rent.