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Moving an office can be a stressful and time-consuming task. There are many things to take into account and it is important that you get the right team to help you. To make it easier for you to organize your office move, you are welcome to call Uftlytningsgaranti. 

Our target group is all types of companies

We are a company that offers professional office relocations for business customers. Our team of experienced movers ensures a fast and efficient move relocation, so that your business can get back up and running quickly in the new location. We have extensive experience in moving everything from small office premises to large companies with many employees and large amounts of equipment. 

In addition to office relocations for business customers, Udflytningsgaranti also offers renovation tasks such as floor sanding and all kinds of painting jobs. Our skilled painters and floor sanders ensure that your office looks inviting and well-maintained after the move, regardless of whether it concerns the premises you are moving from or to. We also offer tailor-made painting jobs if your company has special wishes for colors or other forms of branding of your premises, so call us for a good conversation about how we can make your office move as smooth as possible.

We are known for our high quality and reliability and we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work. Our competitive prices make us the obvious choice for business customers looking for a professional partner for their office relocation.

If you want to get an offer from Uftlytningsgaranti, you are welcome to contact us on our website or by telephone 71749567. We look forward to helping you with your office move.

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Istandsættelse af lejlighed - fuldt depositum tilbage denne lejlighed blev lavet med en fuld istandsættelse kunden fik sit fulde depositum retur, de fik lavet malerarbejde, gulvarbejde og rengøring, kunden fik sit fulde depositum retur ved maling af lejlighed, gulvslibning og rengøring af lejlighed, fuldt depositum retur

Floor sanding for business customers

Relocation guarantee offered professionally floor sanding and floor treatment for business customers. Our skilled floor sanders have many years of experience in sanding and treating wooden floors so that they appear inviting and well-maintained. Remember that you only get one chance when it comes to first impressions, so let your customers have the best experience when they visit your business. The same applies to your employees, bright and pleasant working environments increase well-being and thus productivity. So increase the well-being of your employees and colleagues by making the work areas delicious and inviting.

Floor sanding is an effective way to remove scratches and other damage to the wooden floor, so that it becomes shiny and beautiful again. It can also remove old paint and varnish if the floor needs to be painted or varnished in a new colour. After the floor has been sanded, you can choose from our many types of floor treatment, but the treatments we most often offer are varnish or oil, which protects the wood and gives it a beautiful shine.

At Udflytningsgaranti, we offer many different types of floor treatments, but what they all have in common is that they provide a comfortable, natural and durable surface. Then finally get in touch for a conversation about what we can offer your wooden floors. Regardless of which floor treatment you choose, we make sure to carry out the work with great care and professionalism. We will do everything to ensure that your floor looks perfect after the treatment.

Gulvarbejde og gulvafslibning ved istandsættelse i København – til en fair pris

Would you also like to move easily from your rental property and get your entire deposit back?


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    Fantastic work

    "A relocation guarantee will be your salvation if you are about to move out of an apartment with money-grubbing companies as owners! We were moving out of a only 2 year old (well maintained) flat owned by NEWSEC and were dreading what we would have to pay based on horror stories and trustpilot reviews from there.

    Fortunately, we discover Removal Guarantee at the 11th hour, and get them to handle floor/painting/main cleaning at short notice. They have done a fantastic job and secured us 0 remarks from the eviction inspector. We are super satisfied and relieved. A definite recommendation from here!”

    - Nina N.

    Professional relocation planners with many thousands of relocations in their luggage

    We have a team of skilled moving planners that we put at your disposal, as we know how important your working time is - so we make a virtue of having the move planned to perfection before we start. When you contact us, we want to know what type of office furniture you have that needs to be moved, preferably based on floor plans of the premises you are moving from as well as, as we can take a large part of the stress out of your world, knowing that we safety how you want it to look when we have driven and packed the last moving materials down and taken with us. 

    Business relocation for all types of businesses and companies

    There are no moves we can't handle, and our special moving vans are of course insured, but also specially designed to be able to move everything from complex IT equipment to the coffee machine in the canteen. What we win many of our customers over is our reliability, we are your close business partner from start to finish, we have helped many companies from A to B and we would very much like to be your business partner who helps speed up your success and development. Our goal is to help companies move and refurbish their office space so they can focus on their core business. Let us take care of all the practical work, so you can simply ask your employees to come to the new address.

    Headquarters in Herlev

    We are headquartered in Herlev, but offer Business relocations for companies throughout Copenhagen, including Amager, Frederiksberg, Gentofte and, of course, Commercial relocation Greater Copenhagen and Office relocation Zealand. If you are facing an office move abroad, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are familiar with the many different laws and regulations regarding moving within and outside the EU. We would like to be your perfect partner when it comes to office relocation for your business, regardless of whether you are moving a few streets or several thousand kilometers. 

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    The good customer experience

    At Udflytningsgaranti, we are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best customer experience when it comes to office relocation. We have extensive experience in moving office premises for business customers, and we always ensure a fast, efficient and professional move, so that our customers can get back to work quickly in the new location.

    We have a team of experienced movers who know how to handle everything from small furniture and fixtures to large quantities of equipment and documents. We make sure to pack everything securely so that it is not damaged during the move, and we deliver everything to the new location so that it is ready for use at the promised time.

    We offer a total service that also includes renovation and repair of office environment, so we are your ace up your sleeve as we can help with everything from minor repairs and refreshing the paint, to larger painting jobs and floor sanding as well as construction of fixtures. 

    Let us join you on your business journey, we offer a service you will be very pleased with. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

    Relocation guarantee - problem-free renovation and floor sanding

    Get your deposit back with our move-out repairs

    Relocation Guarantee is your reliable partner when it comes to renovation upon moving out. We're here to make sure you get your full deposit back and avoids unnecessary worries. Our experienced team of specialists are ready to handle all aspects of refurbishment, including painting work, cleaning and not least sanding floors. With our expertise and focus on quality, you can safely entrust the task to us.

    Professional painting work when moving out - give your home a new lease of life

    When it comes to moving house painting, we are the experts you can trust. Our skilled painters have extensive experience in restoration and deliver the highest quality results. We understand the importance of leaving your home in perfect condition, and our painters ensure that all surfaces look flawless. Whether it is walls, ceilings or door frames, you can be sure that our painting work will give your home a new lease of life.

    Professional cleaning upon moving out – a sparkling clean home

    A sparkling clean home is essential when moving out and our team of cleaning specialists are dedicated to providing a first class service. We go about it thoroughly and ensure that every nook and cranny is sparkling clean. Regardless of whether it concerns floor washing, descaling the bathroom or dusting all surfaces, you can count on our professionals cleaning upon moving out.

    Floor sanding - revive your wooden floors with our expertise

    Do your wooden floors need a loving hand? Our team of experienced floor sanders are specialists in reviving wooden floors through sanding and treatment. We use advanced techniques and quality products to ensure a beautiful and durable result. With our floor sanding, you can transform your worn floors into beautiful and inviting surfaces.

    Relocation guarantee – your security for a professional and problem-free renovation when you move out

    We are here to help you get your home in tip-top condition and ensure you get your deposit back. Our team of specialists is ready to handle all tasks, including painting, cleaning, sanding floors and much more. Let us take care of the renovation so you can focus on your new home. Contact us today for a non-binding offer.

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    Kontorflytning for Erhverv

    High-quality services in Copenhagen and Zealand - get repaired cheaply and efficiently

    See ours prices on renovation when moving out and more.