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udflytnings rengøring, erhvervsrengøring - istandsættelse ved fraflytning. rengøringsfirma ved indflytning i København, Amager og mere

Professional Cleaning With Relocation Guarantee - Your Preferred Cleaning Company in Copenhagen

When it comes to cleaning, choosing the right cleaning company is crucial to ensure that your home or office stays sparkling clean and healthy. At Uftlytningsgaranti, we are proud to be your favourite cleaning company in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

The target group for this benefit is Copenhagen, Central and North Zealand.

Why Choose Relocation Guarantee?

We understand that every customer and every location is unique, which is why we customize our cleaning services to meet your specific needs. Here are some reasons to choose us as your cleaning company:

  • Experience: We have many years of experience in the cleaning industry and have built up solid expertise in both private and commercial cleaning.

  • Professional Teams: Our cleaning teams are made up of well trained and experienced professionals who deliver top quality work every time.

  • Environmentally friendly means: We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and methods to protect both your health and the environment.

  • Customized Solutions: Our cleaning services can be customized according to your wishes and schedule, so you get the most convenient solution.

How much does a cleaning company cost per hour? Get a non-binding offer!

Many customers ask us what the price is for cleaning services. The price depends on several factors, including the size of the area to be cleaned, the frequency of cleaning and the specific tasks to be performed. That's why we offer tailor-made offers that suit your needs.

To get a non-binding offer from Uftlytningsgaranti, simply contact us. We will discuss your requirements and prepare an offer that fits your budget and expectations. Our aim is to provide the best value for money and the highest quality of cleaning services.

udflytnings rengøring, erhvervsrengøring - istandsættelse ved fraflytning. rengøringsfirma ved indflytning i København, Amager og mere


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Cleaning company for private homes: Make your home an oasis of cleanliness

Your home is your refuge, a place where you can relax, find peace and enjoy life with your family. It is important that this place remains clean and inviting so that you can create the best memories and thrive in a healthy and hygienic atmosphere. Evtningsgaranti understands the depth of this need and is proud to offer our top quality cleaning services for private homes in Greater Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Tailored cleaning according to your needs

We understand that every family's cleaning needs are unique. Therefore, we adapt our cleaning services to meet your specific wishes and needs. Whether it's regular weekly cleaning, an in-depth spring cleaning or a move-in cleaning, our professional cleaners are ready to deliver the best results.

Professional Cleaners You Can Trust

Our team of cleaners are well trained, experienced and reliable. We know that trust is a key factor when it comes to cleaning your private home. That's why we've carefully selected our employees and perform background checks to ensure you can have complete confidence in those working in your home. Our cleaners are also equipped with the latest knowledge of effective cleaning methods and use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to protect both your home and the environment.

Your time is valuable - Let us take care of the cleaning

Life can be busy and sometimes it can be difficult to find time to take care of cleaning. With the Move Out Guarantee, you can free up your time and leave the cleaning to us. Let us take care of the vacuuming, floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and everything else needed to make your home shine. That way, you can focus on what really matters to you while we take care of the cleaning.

Environmentally friendly cleaning agents

We care about your health and the health of the environment. That's why we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents that not only provide a thorough cleaning, but are also gentle on your home and our planet. Our cleaning products are effective against dirt and bacteria, while minimizing the chemical load in your home.

Contact Us for Your Private Cleaning in Greater Copenhagen

Whether you need regular maintenance cleaning, a special occasion that requires extra attention, or help with a move-in cleaning, the Moving Guarantee is your reliable choice. Contact us today and let us help you keep your home clean and inviting so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Your time is valuable and our goal is to give you more time for the things you love by taking care of the cleaning.


Effective commercial cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy and productive working environment. Vyvletningsgaranti offers tailored commercial cleaning services for companies in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. Our professional teams ensure that your office remains clean, organized and comfortable for both employees and customers.

We offer daily cleaning, special cleaning and periodic maintenance, all tailored to your requirements. Our goal is to create a healthy and productive working environment for your company.

So if you are looking for a reliable cleaning company in Copenhagen or need professional commercial cleaning, contact Udflytningsgaranti today for more information and a tailored quote. We are here to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment in your home or workplace.

Privat rengøringshjælp - i København, Amager, Frederiksberg og Nordsjælland til skarpe og billige priser på markedet til den bedste rengøring ved en istandsættelse af lejlighed

Would you also like to move easily from your rental property and get your entire deposit back?


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    Cleaning in Greater Copenhagen: Your Reliable Partner in Cleanliness

    When it comes to delivering top quality cleaning services, Udflytningsgaranti is your go-to choice in Greater Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We are proud to be your reliable partner in cleanliness and deal with a wide range of cleaning services that cater to both private homes and businesses in our beautiful capital.

    Private Cleaning: Make Your Home Sparkling Clean

    Your home is your sanctuary and our aim is to ensure that it always remains spotlessly clean and inviting. Our team of professional cleaners enter your home with the aim of leaving it in a state of absolute cleanliness and hygiene. Whether you need regular weekly cleaning, an in-depth spring cleaning, or help with a move-in cleaning, we're here to help. We adapt our services to your needs and schedule so you can enjoy your home without the hassle of cleaning.

    Remember – we also help with cleaning and renovation of apartment after death

    Here is what we typically do when cleaning and cleaning windows


    Main cleaning and window cleaning:

    • Vacuuming and washing of all floors.
    • Wiping and washing of all surfaces.
    • Wiping and washing of kitchen worktops
    • Wiping and washing of all upper cupboards, lower cupboards and tall cupboards in the kitchen (the inside and top of all cupboards, shelves, drawers and doors are washed)
    • Degreasing and washing of hood and hood filter/filters.
    • Descaling of the aerator on the kitchen tap and bathroom tap as well as any other taps.
    • Cleaning of windows. If these are accessible from the inside. (Windows that are not accessible from the apartment will not be plastered. (Landlord's responsibility)
    • Wiping and washing window sills.
    • Wiping and washing of all door leaves.
    • Wiping and washing of all door frames.
    • Wiping and washing of all dishes (panels by frames).
    • Wiping and washing of walls and ceilings (if necessary.)
    • Wiping and washing of all handles.
    • Wiping and washing of skirting boards and frames.
    • Spraying and wiping of mirror/mirrors.
    • Descaling, wiping and washing the shower.
    • Descaling, wiping and washing the shower niche.
    • Descaling, wiping and washing the toilet. (The toilet is cleaned and descaled as far down into the basin as possible).
    • Wiping and washing the bathroom.
    • Descaling of all tiles and cleaning of joints between tiles.
    • Dusting and washing of radiators on the front and back, as well as the sides and down between the heating slats (the top cover is clicked off the radiator after which the heating slats can be cleaned).
    • Clean the drain in the bathroom.
    • Cleaning and washing of tumble dryers.
    • Cleaning and washing of the washing machine.
    • Cleaning and washing of all filters for the dishwasher as well as cover and cover thread for filling with salt.
    • Washing and wiping the front covers for dishwashers and tumble dryers (there may be 2 covers on each machine)
    • Degreasing, wiping and washing the refrigerator.
    • Degreasing and washing of oven plates and grates (Strong oven cleaner is used).
    • Removing the steel back plate in the oven for degreasing and washing the fan as well as the back of the oven. (Strong oven cleaner is used).
    • Degreasing, wiping and washing the oven. (Strong oven cleaner is used).
    • Wiping and washing as well as defrosting the freezer.
    • Degreasing, wiping and washing the dishwasher.
    • Washing of all membranes on refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers.
    • Washing up under all water trays in the kitchen and bathrooms.
    • Washing of extraction valves/ventilation grates.
    • Polishing of glass parts and or protection on the terrace/balcony, if this occurs.
    • Sweeping and washing of the balcony (if algae must be cleaned, this will come as an additional cost).
    • Any splashes/stains are cleaned from the floor, radiators and all other surfaces.
    • Light polishing of the corian sink in the bathroom if this occurs in the tenancy.

    Commercial cleaning: Keep your business area nice and clean

    In business, first impressions matter. Relocation guarantee is aware of how important it is for companies to have a presentable and healthy working environment. Our commercial cleaning services are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business. We carry out daily cleaning, special cleaning and periodic maintenance that ensures that your office or business area always remains in top shape.

    Multiple Destinations, One Reliable Service

    We operate in various destinations in Greater Copenhagen and our dedicated teams are ready to serve a wide range of areas, including districts such as Copenhagen K, Frederiksberg, Amager, Nordsjælland and many more. We bring cleanliness and hygiene to private homes, apartments, villas and businesses throughout the region.

    Our Cleaning Process

    When we arrive at your destination, our highly trained cleaners will perform a thorough inspection and create a cleaning plan that fits your specific needs. We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and advanced equipment to ensure that our cleaning is effective and gentle on your environment. We leave no stone unturned and our aim is to deliver flawless cleanliness, every time.

    Contact Vlytningsgaranti in Greater Copenhagen

    Regardless of whether you need private cleaning, commercial cleaning or specialized cleaning services, Utvlytningsgaranti is your reliable partner. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning appointment and experience the difference of having a sparkling clean home or office in Greater Copenhagen. We take care of the cleaning so you can focus on what really matters to you.


    Great job - saving the deposit!

    A relocation guarantee will be your salvation if you are about to move out of an apartment owned by money-grubbing companies! We were moving out of a only 2 year old (well maintained) flat owned by NEWSEC and were dreading what we would have to pay based on horror stories and trustpilot reviews from there.

    Fortunately, we discover Removal Guarantee at the 11th hour, and get them to handle floor/painting/main cleaning at short notice. They have done a fantastic job and secured us 0 remarks from the eviction inspector. We are super satisfied and relieved. A clear recommendation from here!

    - Nina N.