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Get a tailored offer with our price calculator

Do you dream of transforming your outdoor oasis with a beautiful treeterrace? Our price calculation for wooden terraces is simple and straightforward. Whether you envision evenings with barbecues, relaxing moments or social gatherings, the journey to your ideal wooden terrace starts right here.

You get a price by requesting a customized quote. Use our form for this.

How does it work?

  1. Tell us your preferences: Visit our price calculator and enter details such as patio size, desired type of wood and any extras.

  2. Get an estimated price: After entering your selections, our price calculator instantly generates an estimated price for your wooden deck. This gives you clarity over the budget and the ability to adapt the design as needed.

  3. Request a quote: Once you have received the estimated price, you can choose to request more information or a tailored quote directly from our website. This ensures you get all the details you need and can make an informed decision.

Benefits of requesting more information or a quote

  • In-depth information: Receive additional details on materials, design options and the installation process.

  • Exact offer: By requesting a quote, you get an estimate based on your specific preferences.

  • Possibility of advice: Do you have questions or want professional advice? By requesting an offer, you open up the dialogue with our experts.

  • Individual adaptation: Want to tweak the design or add specific features? By requesting more an offer, we offer the possibility of individual adaptation.

Make the dream of your own wooden deck a reality with our easy-to-use price calculator and the option to request more information or a quote. Explore the options, get all the information you need and kick start the journey towards your dream patio today!

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