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Renovering af hus, kontor, lejemål og lejlighed ved fraflytning via maling, gulvafslibning og istandsættelse ved fraflytning

Full deposit returned upon repair

Relocation Guarantee is a company that offers a service that enables tenants to get full deposit back by repair of their apartment. Avoid being cheated by the landlord with the Move Out Guarantee. Read more about it at the price page.

Refurbishing an apartment can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and it can be difficult to find the money to pay for it before you receive your deposit from the landlord. Move-in guarantee therefore offers a solution that enables tenants to get help paying for the refurbishment until the deposit is available in your bank account.

Avoid one after-calculation when moving out with relocation guarantee.

We have a lawyer associated with all our cases, so you can have peace of mind vis-à-vis the landlord. Contact us here.


Get 5% – 10% discount on the moving home and the new home, if both homes are to be renovated. Contact us and hear more. 

We will repair your tenancy and you will get your entire deposit back.

Let us take care of the repairs when you move out

A move-out guarantee has a number of advantages for tenants. Firstly, it can be a great help to have the option of deferring payment for the renovation until you have received your deposit. This makes it easier to plan the finances and it allows tenants to get the money to cover the expenses. Do you entrust e.g. blindly renovating the apartment, your deposit will quickly run out, and you may run the risk of getting an extra bill on top of that. Few people want this, but this happens more and more often because the landlord can set the prices for the renovations themselves. This is where we come into the picture, we are a company that offers all kinds of repairs, everything from relocation assistance in Copenhagen, all kinds of painting work in Copenhagen and surroundings for extensive renovation of an apartment in Copenhagen.

You can benefit from our extensive experience when it comes to the finances of vacating a rental property

In addition, Uftlytningsgaranti also offers advice and guidance to tenants who want to get the most out of their deposit. We have enormous experience in helping tenants to ensure that their apartment is in good condition when they move out, so that they can get as much of their deposit back as possible. We can ensure this due to our versatile know-how and efficient craftsmen who are specialized in their work processes. We have gradually gathered a large team of skilled people who are passionate about their craft, at the same time we only use quality materials and tools, which ensure that the work is carried out without problems and on time.

Our concept of deferring payment until you have received your deposit is designed to remove as much financial stress as possible

All in all, Udflytningsgaranti is a useful service for tenants who want to get help with the renovation of their apartment when moving out and only pay when the deposit from the landlord has been transferred. This means that you ensure that the apartment passes the move-in inspection, and you are therefore entitled to receive your full deposit.

The fact that we give you the option to postpone the payment is a concept we offer to give you greater financial freedom. Although renovating an apartment can be a necessary and expected part of moving out, finding the money to pay for it before you've received your deposit from the landlord can be a challenge. This can be a stress factor for tenants who already have many things to think about in connection with moving.

Move-out guarantee offers a very good solution to this very thing by enabling you to postpone payment for the renovation, no matter how extensive it may be, until you have received a deposit from the landlord. This makes it a little easier for tenants to plan their finances and ensure that they have the necessary funds to pay for the repairs when they need to be done.

Renovation and refurbishment when moving out of an apartment in Copenhagen

Refurbishing an apartment is a process where the apartment is brought back to its original condition when you move out. This can include a variety of tasks such as painting, floor sanding and other types of renovation work. We have gradually undertaken many hundreds of renovations and more or less the same number moving vision, so we know what it takes. Of course, we do it correctly according to all regulations at the agreed time, we make sure to keep all costs transparent, so that you completely avoid financial scares.

Painting work is often part of the refurbishment of an apartment. This can include painting walls, ceilings and doors, painting panels or renovating walls for shelves, pictures, etc., so that the apartment appears nice and inviting again.

Floor sanding is also part of the renovation of an apartment, which we offer and have extensive experience with. This may include sanding the floor to make it smooth and shiny again. We have all the necessary special equipment and expertise to give a loving hand to all types of wooden floors that may be in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

In addition, refurbishing an apartment can also include other types of renovation work, such as repairing damage, replacing old installations and furniture, cleaning and much more. All of this can be expensive and time-consuming, and it can be a challenge for tenants to find the money to pay for it before they've received their deposit from the landlord. Especially if the landlord insists on improving these, we see this happening more and more often. This is because the landlord can price any renovation or repair themselves, completely without taking into account prices that an external company such as Evfyltningsgaranti can do it for.

Know your rights when it comes to choosing a craftsman to refurbish an apartment when you move out

Landlords have a great interest in being responsible for any renovation of the apartment, often they insist on managing it if the tenant succumbs. Unfortunately, many private individuals do not know enough about the Competition Act. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for landlords to have a financial interest in being responsible for the renovation of an apartment when the tenant moves out. Landlords may have an interest in ensuring that the apartment is in good condition before it is let out further, as this may help to increase the rental price. But this is not only where the interest lies, because the landlord can price the renovation themselves and here we see an increasing tendency for the entire deposit, as well as a subsequent calculation, to be left to the tenant for the renovation.

Tenants, however, also have rights in relation to the renovation of the apartment, and they have every right to choose the craftsman themselves. According to the Competition Act, tenants have the right to choose the craftsman they want to carry out the renovation work in their apartment, as long as the work is carried out correctly according to current regulations.

Tenants should therefore be aware of their rights in relation to the renovation of the apartment, and they should make sure to research the market to find the best price for the renovation work. In addition, tenants should also ensure that they get a written offer from the chosen tradesman, so that there is a clear agreement on what needs to be done and what it will cost.

We will of course give you a written offer for the entire package, regardless of whether it is all inclusive from moving assistance to apartment renovation, or whether it is just painting work and floor sanding that is required to pass the moving inspection.

Call today to find out more about all the services we offer, in particular you are welcome to inquire about our concept where you can postpone payment until you have returned the deposit.

Wait for payment for repairs with Move-in Guarantee

We know it can be a stressful situation to move out of your old apartment and into your new one. Not only can it seem unmanageable to have to pack up an entire home and move it out again, but the economy can also be put to the test, as it is usually the big sum that is involved when you are waiting to get your deposit back and have to at the same time be ready with a deposit for the new apartment.

Evictionsgaranti offers a unique service for tenants who have to move out of their rental property. When you have to move out, there can be major demands in connection with repairs. Most often, the floor needs to be painted and sanded, it may also be that renovation needs to be done to a greater or lesser extent. Naturally, you wear out an apartment by living in it, and of course direct damage may have occurred while you lived there, but most often you don't see normal wear and tear, since you walk in it every day. It may be the wooden floor that wears the most in the kitchen, or there may be marks from the sofa or other furniture. If you blindly leave the repairs to the landlord, you can very easily find yourself in a situation where you do not get your deposit back from the landlord, and on top of that you are sent a bill for the repairs.

Tenancy Act eviction, many are not aware that the Tenancy Act ensures the tenant's right to freely choose a craftsman when refurbishing an apartment

It is correct that tenants according to the tenancy law have the right to choose the craftsman who will be responsible for the renovation of the apartment when they move out. This also applies, even if the landlord tries to choose a craftsman at such high prices that the deposit is used and there may be an extra bill on top of that. However, it is important to note that the tenant is also responsible for ensuring that the repairs are carried out at a reasonable price, and that the tenant must pay for the repairs based on the price agreed with the craftsman.

It is therefore a good idea for the tenant to research the market and get an offer from an external company as a Relocation Guarantee before entering into an agreement on the renovation. In this way, the tenant can ensure that the price for the renovation will not be too high and that the deposit will not be used up.

Full deposit back

With the Relocation Guarantee, you get rid of this worry. We are a company that can take care of everything in connection with your move, in addition to having a team of professionals movers, then we also offer everything within the renovation of an apartment when moving out. In other words, we can help with the whole package in terms of moving.

As a special concept, we offer to renovate your apartment when you move out, which of course meets even the strictest landlord's relocation inspection and you therefore fulfill your contract, and thus are entitled to have your deposit refunded. Only when you have received the deposit in your bank account do you have to pay for our work. During the entire process, we keep everything transparent, so you know for sure what the renovation will cost. You therefore avoid nasty financial surprises, and get through the move both most conveniently, but also best and cheapest.

Refurbishment of a rental apartment - everything from total renovation to changing light bulbs

Move-out guarantee also offers a professional renovation of the rental property, so you can be sure that all work is carried out satisfactorily. In this way, you also avoid having to pay for poorly done work, and you can rest easy knowing that everything will be in order when you move out. We are a total Enterprise when it comes to renovating an apartment or rental property,

Painting company Copenhagen and Zealand

Vvlytningsgaranti is also a painting company that offers painting work in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We are a company that specializes in carrying out renovation work in connection with a tenant's move, including everything within painting, we painter panels, sanding and painting walls and ceilings, painting doors, we set up everything within glass fabric, environmental fabric and felt wall. We know the housing associations' strict requirements and the choice of colours, including contrasting colors and other types of decorative painting jobs. We also take care of painting wooden ceilings as well lye treatment ceiling. Move-out guarantee offers to carry out the work at fixed, low prices and aims to make it as easy and convenient as possible for the tenant to have the apartment repaired when they move out. Call today to find out more about our painting department, we would be happy to advise you on everything from types of painting work to tradesman deductions for painting work.

Floor sanding Copenhagen and all of Zealand

Another of our specialties is that we offer floor sanding in Copenhagen as part of our renovation services. Floor sanding is a method of removing damage, worn areas and discoloration from wooden floors, so that they become smooth and nice again. This is done by removing a layer of the surface on the floor with a floor sander before applying a new layer of lacquer or oil on the floor. In particular, the light floors have been popular, we offer quite a few different types of white-pigmented lacquer, or we can advise on white-oiled floors.

Moving Guarantee offers to carry out floor sanding at fixed, low prices and has a number of professional floor sanders who are trained to carry out the work to a high standard. Furthermore, we offer advice and guidance on choosing varnish or oil for the floor, so you can be sure of getting the best possible result.

Cleaning Copenhagen and Zealand including North Zealand

Another point that we offer is cleaning services. When you call us regarding cleaning, can both be part of the renovation of an apartment, but can also be ordered as a separate service for either a fixed cleaning agreement or simply for final cleaning of leases. Cleaning is an important part of moving the tenancy, as it ensures that the apartment is clean and tidy for when it is taken over by the new tenant.

Move-out guarantee offers a range of cleaning services, including thorough cleaning of all rooms in the apartment, stair cleaning in Copenhagen, cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, washing of windows and carpets, as well as waste management. We have experienced cleaners who are trained to carry out the work to a high standard and offer quality cleaning at fixed, low prices.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat

If you are interested in hearing more about the services that Uftlytningsgaranti offers, you are very welcome to get in touch for a non-binding conversation to get more information. You can contact us either via our website or by calling them on the phone number you find on the website.

Movningsgaranti offers a range of services in renovation and cleaning, including painting, floor sanding and cleaning, and can help take the stress out of moving by being your partner who takes care of everything. We have a large team of professional tradesmen and cleaners who are trained to carry out the work to a high standard.

All in all, Uftlytningsgaranti offers a unique service that makes the moving process easier and safer for tenants. You can rest assured knowing the price for the renovation and that you will not pay us until you have received your deposit from the landlord. With the Moving Guarantee, you are protected against unpleasant surprises when you have to move out of your rental property.

Refurbishment and repairs when moving out of the tenancy with Udflytningsgaranti ApS makes it easy, cheap and convenient to move out of your tenancy. 

We specialize in carrying out full renovations when moving out of rental properties and apartments.

Deposit back with deposit guarantee

Avoid losing the deposit and get a cheaper bill for repairs, floor sanding, painting, cleaning and moving. 

Get 5-10% discount on both homes when refurbishing vacate and move-in housing.

You choose us for renovation you will be assigned a lawyer specializing in tenancy law. We match prices and price matches.

Get help to take the eviction view.

We are familiar with the requirements for refurbishment when moving out of the vast majority of housing associations in Copenhagen and Zealand, and our project manager can handle the entire process, so you only have one contact person.