Can the landlord appoint craftsmen for repairs

Fejl og mangelliste og kan udlejer bestemme håndværker ved istandsættelse og nyistandsættelse

It can be confusing to understand who is responsible for ordering tradesmen when problems arise in the tenancy. Therefore, it is important to remember that if it does not appear directly from your lease that the landlord chooses craftsmen, you have the right to carry out the work yourself or have it carried out by others - before you move out of the apartment.

In some situations, it will be the landlord who is responsible for maintaining the tenancy, while in other situations it is the tenant himself who is responsible. It is therefore always a good idea to check your lease to see who is responsible for maintaining that part of the lease. If the landlord is responsible, you must notify the landlord in writing that there is a problem that requires maintenance and ask for a handyman to carry out the work. If the landlord does not want to requisition a craftsman, the dispute can be decided by the rent board.

Gas pipes and water pipes

It is also important to remember that if urgent problems arise, such as leaking gas pipes or water pipes with large holes in them, you have the right to order a handyman yourself. However, it is always a good idea to try to contact your landlord first, to see if he will remedy the problem. If it concerns non-urgent problems, such as a running toilet, you can go to the rent board, which can order the landlord to put things right.

Move-out guarantee is here to help you as a tenant

If the landlord is difficult to talk to in such situations, Uftlytningsgaranti has a lawyer attached and we are also experts in talking to the landlord in all given situations.

Refurbishment and repairs when moving out of the tenancy

Repair is the process of bringing a home or building into a condition where it is ready to be used. This can include anything from minor repairs and updates to major renovations and remodeling.

There are many reasons why you may choose to renovate a home. Perhaps you want to improve the home's indoor climate, increase its value or create a nicer appearance. It may also be that you have taken over a home that needs to be repaired, or that you have to move out of your home and therefore have to repair it before handing it back to the landlord.

Refurbishment can include everything from minor repairs such as replacing door handles and windows to larger projects such as sanding floors, painting walls and ceilings and cleaning.

There are many options for refurbishing a home, and it largely depends on your budget and wishes. It is therefore a good idea to plan the project thoroughly and seek advice from professionals before getting started. Contact us for help renovation upon moving out.