The Tenancy Act: Maintenance

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As a tenant, you have the right to live in a home that is in good condition and has no major defects. At the same time, you also have a certain obligation to maintain the home during the period you live there. But what does it really mean when it comes down to it repair and the tenancy law? And what requirements are placed on you as a tenant? We will try to shed light on this in this article, and at the same time we will tell you how we at Udflytningsgaranti can help you comply with your obligations and the requirements of the Tenancy Act.

Repair and maintenance

The Tenancy Act sets requirements for both landlord and tenant when it comes to the maintenance and repair of the home. The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is in good condition when the tenant takes it over and that it is regularly maintained. The tenant, on the other hand, has a duty to keep the home in good condition and to report any defects and errors to the landlord.

If damage or faults occur in the home, it is important to react quickly to avoid the damage becoming greater. The tenant has a duty to report damage or faults to the lessor, and the lessor has a duty to rectify the damage or fault. If damage occurs as a result of the tenant's own use of the home, it may be that the tenant himself has to pay for the repair of the damage.

As a tenant, you may also be required to carry out certain types of maintenance and repairs. It could be, for example, that you as a tenant have to arrange for the house to be painted, or that you have to ensure that the gutters are kept clean. The Tenancy Act lays down a number of requirements for which types of maintenance and repairs the tenant may be required to carry out.

When the tenancy ends, the apartment must be returned to the landlord in the same condition as when it was taken over. This means that you, as a tenant, must ensure that any renovations and repairs are carried out, so that the home is in the same condition as when it was taken over. If you don't feel like or able to carry out the repairs yourself, you can choose to leave it to professionals.

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Repairs upon moving out

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